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181-189 2nd Ave. New York, NY, 10003
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  • Amit Khatkhate 6 days ago

    Non-stadium season made it hard to see at times. Limited and pricy selection for snacks. A tad overpriced movie ticket, given the setup. Nice that they had a student discount though.

  • Hristina Mangelova 13 days ago

    Very uncomfortable and old seats, no carpeting on the floors. The screening room didn't have amphitheater seating so if there's a person in front of you, you can't see very well. Tickets are more expensive than in other theaters, $15 and are not worth it.

  • Alejandro Pizarro 20 days ago

    Charming cinema. Old fashion but beautiful with 3 stages of seats. No ramps only stairs at least in theater 1.

  • Martin Blais 21 days ago

    Old theater in the East Village. Some of the rooms are large and gorgeous, but some of the rooms downstairs are very small. Nevertheless, I love going to this theater, it often has a great selection of movies.

  • Mathew Kennedy 162 days ago

    City Cinemas is still a small, relatively-independent group of theaters that have film festivals, show indie movies, and isn't priced outrageously (still pretty expensive). The screens are smaller, yes, but the clientele is almost always a movie-appreciating type (you won't see any phones out), and while there are blockbusters and big-budget movies there, you'll find the winners and highlights of international film festivals (Hunt for the Wilderpeople is amazing!), and the staff is really friendly. Probably one of the best things about the theater, though, is that some of them are classic *theaters*, not just large movie-viewing rooms. The main theater in the Village East cinema has a chandelier, murals, beautifully-crafted molding, and clearly used to be an actual theater a la Broadway. Supporting these kinds of institutions is paramount to the city maintaining its heart and soul. Enjoy it!

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