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Vanity Grand Cabaret

Philadelphia, PA

(215) 921-3185

Closed now
6130 Passyunk Ave Philadelphia, PA, 19153
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  • Nelly Collons 29 days ago

    Outside staff was very nice, inside security was not. They were very rude. The security gaurd that works the spot where the reserved seats are pushed me out of the way when I tried to sit there! I couldn’t believe it!! I will never go back!! It’s the most ratchet strip club I have ever been to. Not to mention, they allow drugs to be sold in there also👀

  • Donnie Milburn 42 days ago

    Never open when I get there. I am their soda vendor, the friendly Vineland Syrup driver, Donnie

  • Amarya Harper 73 days ago

    Worst club, Philadelphia clubs will never be popping if they keep being ran like this. Unprofessional people, rude, ratchet staff.

  • Christopher Soukhaphonh 136 days ago

    Highly discriminative. I'm Laotion/asian and they asked for 40 at the door when everyone else was paying 20. Beyond grimy pocking cons

  • Samara Shields 136 days ago

    This place is such a rip off and the bartender we had was so rude for open bar! I will never ever go back I got ripped off thinking I was getting open bar but instead they only give open bar with low quality liquor and I am a top shelf drinker but never again!

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