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Valencia College East Campus

Orlando, FL
701 N Econlockhatchee Trail Orlando, FL, 32825
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  • Isaias Hernandez 18 days ago

    Great school for students who arent totally sure of what they want to study they help you decide for your future and they have a great staff for music majors

  • Lori Diaz 77 days ago

    Only because I couldn't give 0. This school SUCKS!!!!!! Staff have NO GLUE of what they're doing. Forget calling if your lucky to talk to someone they will just give you the wrong information. Forget going in person because you will not accomplish a damn thing by doing so because they don't know anything. I been at it for 3 months now and I still have not had my issue fix. Seriously considering going to a different school.

  • Katie H 159 days ago

    I have had such a bad experience everytime I need to call the bookstore. They act like you're stupid. I have an experience with west campus at the beginning of the semester and now I've called the east campus and it was the same situation. I just called asking if they had a book, I had the course name, the book name and the author name. clearly enough information. I was told it wasn't enough information and that I would be more helpful if I logged into my account while on the phone and searched the book #..... am I the one working in the bookstore?

  • Christina Lovingood 161 days ago

    This school is extremely helpful when it comes to getting your education and giving you advice on what steps to take. There is always tutoring available, the counselors are always friendly and willing to help you and for how cheap this place is, the education is fantastic. Only thing I don't like is that when coming into the school you can waste your time taking general education courses as they dont really tell you that they have specific programs. I've been here two years and have two more semesters until I'll have prerequisites for the program I want and that's because I wasn't advised on what math classes would be helpful in getting an actual degree.

  • Cyndy Andrews 186 days ago

    As a parent it's alarming how little is done about the traffic and parking at this campus. I've been hit 4 times, reported well over a dozen people doing the most insane things (60 mph in a parking lot, driving over grass through students, etc...), called the administration (with ZERO response from anyone ever- in 3 years) and phyiscally walked up to "security" to ask them to speak to people. They do NOTHING. Not a single thing. The administration is difficult to finally reach. The one assistant I spoke with had a horrible attitude nad zero phone skills. I mean it's a college right? We listened to her teachers who advised to stay away from Full Sail for art but this campus has been, uh a huge freaking challenge too.

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