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800 W University Parkway Orem, UT, 84058
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  • Ellie Parker Today

    I live so close to uvu i love it

  • Vikram Iyengar 117 days ago

    I LOVE this university. I will really miss it when I move to California. The professors are all nice and the campus is beautiful. I love that you have glassed in, long corridors to walk to most of the classes in. This helps in the snow and as well in the sweltering heat. The majority of the campus is green with very artistic designs. Sometimes I feel I am at Universal Studios. There are tons of healthy snacks and coffee on campus. People are always doing cool things like playing ping pong or having parties on the lawn by the waterfalls. You will not get bored between class. The art classes are the most interesting and they have a great environment for them. I paid out of state tuition for the first year, and it was still less than the regular tuition of most schools in California and even Virgina!

  • Tony Reid 212 days ago

    I went here for a number of years, and ran into issues every year. The teaching staff is awful, the administration department is constantly making errors, and the resources are all confusing and unorganized. Their website has more broken links that working, once in the student portal. UVU is the reason I gave up on a college education.

  • Taylor Blake 263 days ago

    Great school but it doesn't have the traditional college feel. There is a lack of community spirit on campus. The sports are always great to watch and most of the professors on campus are fantastic! Tuition prices are very reasonable.

  • Ashton Hironaka 297 days ago

    UVU is a university where you are accepted for you, and you can be who you want to be. This is a place where you can not only expand your mind, but you can make new friends. Like they always say it's engaged learning! Walk on campus and take a tour, you will feel that feeling of acceptance and you will know that you belong there, bleed green and become a wolverine!!

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