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U.S. Small Business Administration

Seattle, WA
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2401 4th Ave #450 Seattle, WA, 98121
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  • Ronnie Larry 72 days ago

    Now here's a scam if ever I saw 1. I requested a guide to teach me how to write a business Plan, or Buisness Proposal, they said yes, yes, that's EXACTLY what we do, so I went there to be told that it will cost me $85 to get into a workshop, and after that they will be able to help me with learning how to write a business Plan. HELLO, if I had $ , why would I need to start a business to make $? And they tell you that they don't charge for their services and how they are there to HELP YOU! YEAH, help relieve you of sum of your hard earned $. Lol, I suggest the Vetrans Buisness Outreach place to get business proposals, and business Plans for FREE, for REAL! Not this hokey joint. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE, hope this helps.

  • Michael V 294 days ago

    They certainly do try to help you with your business and do a good job with making referrals to people that can support you. I guess my only complaint would be that there aren't as many resources as you might need and sometimes there's a little bit of heavy or focus on getting funding or sponsorship for your business or taking out a loan when what really is the best focuses is how to start the Business without all that financial entanglement. But I certainly understand business is based on money and for a lot of businesses without the money you don't get started. It would be nice to see a lot of energy put into launching the business with as little money as possible. I still suggest using them though because they're the best resource around.

  • Chris Moore 365 days ago

    Huge source of knowledge and experience. They're really helped me set up my business.

  • Jacob Gonzales 513 days ago

    The most helpful place anyone can go to ask about business help.

  • Aaron Kesseler 871 days ago

    The SBA (Small Business Administration) has created an incredible resource and training center for those who own, or are considering owning a small businesses. I found this branch online while searching for local SBA offices. Although I have yet to visit this brach specifically, I plan on setting an appointment here very soon. I am personally very thankful for the vast and valuable free resources and education that they provide.

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