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University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Greensboro, NC

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1400 Spring Garden St Greensboro, NC, 27412
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  • Lynnie Purcell 23 days ago

    I was a long distance student at the university, and I have to say that from day one my adviser through the Liberal Studies program was disastrously unhelpful. By unhelpful I mean that her modus operandi is to get you to email other people, not offering you any sort of welcome or assessment of what you need to be successful when you start the program (and this is normal for the other schools I attended, long distance or not). She was basically a ghost, and not at all like Casper. When I needed help with a situation, she blamed me, basically shrugged her shoulders, and I had to email a bunch of people to actually solve the problem I had (that she could have fixed, and was fixed by someone else, in five minutes' time). It was not a good experience with her at all, and I felt confused and exhausted trying to become an expert at her job while also trying to focus on graduating. I don't know the point of an adviser who doesn't reach out and advise and make you feel like part of a community. Another thing that was terribly awful about the program was the language requirement. Part of my not getting advised was realizing at the last minute (luckily two semesters out) that I had to take four languages instead of two. (Two is NORMAL EVERYWHERE ELSE IN THE COUNTRY.) Seriously, four languages is nothing more than a money grab, especially with the way the classes peddle idioms that no one actually uses when speaking the language. They are not taught in a way that encourages you to actually learn the language. It's a box to be checked off then promptly forgotten. You want people to know about other cultures? Have a culture class that explores the history and lives of people. Not four years of a language. Two years is the standard. It's a fine standard. Standards everywhere nod in approval of this standard. Stop with this ridiculous requirement. The last complaint I have is that the liberal studies program teaches diversity...and yet all I had in it were white teachers. Having white teachers explain diverse materials is not the same. It just isn't. Hire more POC. Hire more WOC. Stand behind your liberal message and be diverse in who you pay to teach, not just in the books and ideas you sell. There were a couple of teachers who were truly good, like Dr. McKinnon and Dr. Millett-Gallant, and did their best, but the program could do more.

  • Andrew Uy 83 days ago

    Incredibly diverse campus with a lot of friendly staff and students. They have a lot of good opprotunitys and paths to take. The campus looks very beautiful and the school takes good care of the students. I loved the music building on campus.

  • Tammy Jones 136 days ago

    Beautiful campus, amazing professors and just an overall great university. The curriculum can be challenging...but rewarding at the same time. They also have an amazing History department!

  • Nathan Wallace 143 days ago

    This is the 4th college I’ve been too and hopefully my last, great value for the education. Would definitely recommend living off campus to make that price even better!

  • Jesse Nix 257 days ago

    Very diverse campus, with lots of organizations and clubs to join. The staff has always been helpful, and I've not had too much of a problem finding a person to answer whatever questions I may have. Cafeteria isn't amazing, but I am not sure what to expect from a public university's cafeteria anyway. They seem to really care about students. Great school, and proud to be graduating as a Spartan in a year.

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