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  • Ravi Vyas 27 days ago

    Bad university!! some professors are not good graders.

  • Sherry Gomaa 77 days ago

    I have been accepted for the Spring 2017 semester and my major is pre-nursing. They say you need to go to an advising session before you begin classes so you can get everything sorted out since there isn't much time until I'd start and obviously I need my schedule and I need to know what classes to take. All of their nursing pages online give you an error, so I don't know what the curriculum is like or what I should be expecting in the next few years. I have sent multiple emails, left many voicemails with my name and number. I have not gotten an email back and it seems like the whole entire nursing department is never there during any hours of they day. I keep getting transferred to different numbers and I just cant seem to get a person on the phone. And they don't respond to emails either. At first I was really excited, but at this point I would much rather go to ECU because they've been on top of all my questions and i'm not left in the dark about anything. I think UNCG lost a potential student here, they've just shown me that they don't care, so neither do I. I just wont go there.

  • Jane Doe 107 days ago

    This school STILL owes me money. They have wonderful professors but horrible computer programs. They do not communicate well at all through the university and push people aside even when they know it isn't right. They charged me for a semester of school when I was not enrolled and had already transferred to a new school! I wasn't even signed up for classes, or registered for housing! Yet they still charged me with interest! The campus is beautiful but this school does a great job at ripping people off.

  • Rodney Miller 140 days ago

    My wife and I can not complain about the education opportunity that our daughter experienced; however, we are very disappointed about the way that the staff (not ALL of you) and how management or the Accounting head handled our daughter's UNEXPECTED medical situation that started from a medical shot given from UNCG HEALTH Service Dept. Through this ordeal, my wife and I, relentlessly helped our daughter through every medical avenue-we sent medical documentation to your OARS department that the staff did NOT advocate for our daughter yet they stayed comfortably in the policy and procedure (which is a direct violation of state and federal law for disability services). In knowing that your institution is constructing a 9M gym (nothing seems wrong with the old one) and not to mention the new construction all around campus yet you told our daughter (who is paying for her education with our financial support as well) that due to YOUR &!!%%^ budget constraints my daughter could not have her needed accommodation MET. As parents, we trusted your institution to treat our daughter as if she was your own. YOU FAILED US. I hope that other families read this review and consider their child's overall health care needs before they enroll their child into any program at UNCG. Sadly, The Millers'

  • Jennifer Rubio 219 days ago

    So far an amazing college!! The diversity is amazing and the campus just feels like home.

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