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University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Baltimore, MD

(410) 455-1000

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(410) 455-1000

Closed now
1000 Hilltop Cir Baltimore, MD, 21250
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  • Bucky C 22 days ago

    This is the worst school in the state of Maryland (and possibly in the US). Several buildings on campus are run down (the Sondheim building has even had asbestos in it). The quality of the food is poor and it's overpriced. The social life sucks. It's not a well-known school outside of Maryland. And most importantly, classes are insanely difficult (especially for STEM majors). The classes aren't designed to weed out the slackers. They're designed to weed out the people who try their absolute hardest (and sacrifice things such as sleep and a decent social life) but can't keep up with the immense workload thrown at the students and/or approach assignments with the same exact mindset as the professors. Exams are geared less toward understanding important subject material and more toward deciphering what the professors are actually asking. This school is nothing but a weed out school. I know students who are very intellectually gifted yet still struggle with courses only because of the professors. Almost every professor, by the way, couldn't care less about students and (one would think) they take pride in handing out bad grades - maybe because it inflates their ego of "how brilliant they are compared to others". One more note on the courses - for many courses there is one week between the final exam and the last normal exam of the semester. The biggest mistake I've ever made was attending this "school". I can honestly say that attending UMBC feels like a form of imprisonment. I can't overstate how much I truly despise this school. Please don't make the same mistake I did - go to UMD, Towson, or really anywhere but UMBC.

  • Scott Joachim 48 days ago

    I realize that my opinion can't stand for the whole school (chemical engineering​ 2017), but having held a student job that allowed me to see a lot of the behind the scenes stuff and was part of a department that was in the midst of a lot of changes, I do think I can offer some insight. First, unless you're a proactive genius who wants to do research their entire life, don't bother coming here. This school doesn't care about industry or the jobs it offers. This school talks a lot, but doesn't follow through very well. For instance, the higher ups tend to be good, but the people below them are horrible. The career center is a joke, the admin people are flakes who pretend to know what they're doing, and the professors are very hit or miss. How this school got "best undergrad teaching" is a mystery to me. The only good majors are comp sci and bio. The rest of the departments, especially mine, are either full of hot air, stupid in their decision making, or just plain lost. This university attracts a lot of insanely bright students to their undergraduate program and the stem majors would suck without them. God knows the STEM majors don't get genuine help from their professors. I had to go an extra year because of the negligence of my department and two of the many professors that left during my time were upset and thought I should have graduated a year earlier. I almost transferred twice. My department, similar to many others, don't have any connections to companies in industry. This school also hates transfer students despite having a lot of them. Don't expect to finish any degree in 4 years if you're transferring in. There's no social life here because the school is filled with pasty nerds. It's also surrounded by everything, but close to nothing. You have to drive to get anywhere notable off campus.

  • Iqra Nadeem 52 days ago

    Proud to be a part of an amazing institution. Great academic rigor, lots of opportunities for research development and access to awesome connections.

  • Persephone Little 88 days ago

    Most of the staff was pleasant. I was there for a couple of days. Then when I ask a tech working on the floor when my prescription would be ready, she literally snapped at me ‘I’M NOT A MIND READER.’ Her name is Diana. She works on the third floor. I highly suggest staying about from this woman with a terrible attitude. She should NOT be working with the general public. I will not be back.

  • John Smith 100 days ago

    Great school and program. I transferred from a 2 year community college and graduated with an IS degree. I got a great job and met great friends here for life. It was worth it 100%

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