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  • Kevin Domino 10 days ago

    University of Houston I visit it and it was very very inspiring and I loved everything that was in the there and I really want to go to University of Houston I want to become something thank you and love you university of Houston Sincerely Kevin

  • Tiger Cry 54 days ago

    The parking was ridiculous when I went there. It showed how the university didn't care about the student's success. One of the professors had his assistant accuse me of being a spy. I am asian. That doesn't make me a traitor. It has been 18 years since I went there.

  • John Akchar 62 days ago

    I have conferred upon The University of Houston the rating of 3 stars (average). Here is my review after spending 5 years at UoH: Did you get a job after graduating? Yes, I did, and most people I know also did. Do you learn? Yes, but not in all classes. Some classes are a complete waste of time and money and specifically the common core courses. Affordable? There is no such thing as affordable education in the United States. You need scholarships and/or loans if your parents cannot or unwilling to help. Parking? A privilege to the rich and the early birds. If you are willing to spend around $500 or wake up 6:00 am every day, this is not going to be a problem for you. Food? Many options are available like Subway, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Chick-fil-A, Panda Express, McAlister’s Deli, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Smoothie King, Pizza Hut…etc. Dining Halls: Clean? Yes, never had any issues. Tasty? Swallow but do not chew. A halal section and a gluten-free section available. Social Life? Exists only if you join fraternities/sororities and student organizations. Campus Recreation Center? This is the best place on campus. Weight lifting, jogging, basketball, indoor soccer, volleyball, table tennis, racquetball, squash, swimming, diving, dancing, yoga, fencing...etc. It is usually very busy in the first few weeks of every semester. Working on Campus? I have worked as an accounting tutor for a few semesters. Decent pay, however, most other on campus jobs pay minimum. Faculty, Staff, and Professors? Most of them are helpful and nice. Never had an issue. Living on Campus? If you can afford it, do it. Safe? Yes, if you don't give bad people an opportunity to commit a crime against you. Make sure not to show your cell phone to everybody when you walk alone at night. Make sure not to consume massive amounts of alcohol then blackout on the street. Also, do not be nice to strangers. Crime, unfortunately, is a normal part of life in Houston. Personally, I have never felt unsafe on campus. Bullying? Never been bullied and I don't know anyone who has.

  • Pat Villemar 150 days ago

    Graduated with a degree in Sociology and Psychology in May, 1997. I was hired by UTMB in Galveston, June 1997. I started and ended my career at UTMB.

  • Mario Almanza 252 days ago

    Very diverse group of students and professors. In a way, I feel it allows you to experience more cultures firsthand, allowing you to become more aware of the world around you, and therefore grow from it. I'm terms of education, if you're a STEM major, getting A's is quite hard (as can be seen by national study after study, UH is always top 5 in hardest schools to get an A). Overall, the campus may feel way too big those first few days, but everyone is quite helpful in guiding you. I'm a 2016 graduate with a bachelor's in science of Biology and Psychology. I tell you this because I recognize the potential conflict of interest.

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