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University of Central Florida

Orlando, FL
4000 Central Florida Blvd Orlando, FL, 32816
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  • Eva 2 days ago

    Best school ever. Love this place. Tuition covers gym fees. Tons of places to shop, eat, and hangout.

  • ashley pardee 11 days ago

    Best University, just make sure you research your professors: some are ridiculously difficult, others have a thick accent, most are amazing though.

  • Dustin Fecera 12 days ago

    UCF is an awesome school with a great campus.... or so it seems. Some of the professors are amazing but most are not. When it comes down to it, the majorty of the college is just money grubbing and will go out of its way to be unhelpful to students. YOU ARE A DOLLAR SIGN, and they make sure you know that. I went here for five years while working full time, and most of the time they made my college experience horrible. I waited till I graduated to post this review. I finished and this was one of the first hinga I wanted to do post-graduation. The Universty is too big and they do not care about you in the slightest. You are money to them, and that’s it. I will not be returning here for my masters, and I do mot recommend for people to go here, especially if you’re paying out of your own pocket and don’t have student loans.

  • Mint Roze 22 days ago

    Once you're accepted to the distance online program you're pretty much on your own. Never assigned a program adviser to advise on the correct courses needed for my program. You can send dozens of e-mails to your department they will never reply back. they're just interested in obtaining your financial aid , grants and money. ETA: In regards to the recent correspondence below, it's a little too late to provide your number. That number was the same number I used to contact your institution numerous times. Secondly, you're responding after almost a year later??? Thankfully, since then I have transferred to a more caring university.

  • Robert Harrison 75 days ago

    Its a great school, you should definitely go. Massive campus with tons of people and a lot to offer. I personally majored in Business and they have a really great program. Definitely recommend courses in creative entrepreneurship I've learned a lot and met a lot of great people here.

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