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  • Jessica Combest 12 days ago

    Very disappointed in the admissions and office technology, very outdated. If you don't pay your application fee right when you are filling out your application then they will only take a check that you have to mail in. Calling in for any kind of assistance, you can plan on waiting for at least 30 min then to be told you need to talk with another department or they really don't know or have answers. I have worked with 7 different Universities and this by far is the worst for helping incoming students.

  • Shirley Arias 12 days ago

    Just ppassed my first semester and I have to say, parking is terrible, resources are great if you can figure out how to even get them, too big to even know where to go half the time, classes are crowded and prepare to teach yourself and navigate your way through pages and websites of all kinds for different courses, if you want to LEARN something go elsewhere. If you just want to pass and struggle while doing so without really learning content then by all means this is the university for you. Oh and good luck finding the classes you need.

  • Sanasha Sheals 32 days ago

    The only reason I'm giving it one star is because I'm unable to give none. This is the absolute WORST school to attend! All they want is money. They don't care about your well being as a student or getting you through college. Their advisors are trash, they tell you stuff to get you in and out ... their professors are not any better. I've had the worse experience at this university. Semester after semester I have to constantly turn in unnecessary forms that hold up my account and whenever I call to get information on anything I'm always told "I don't know" or "I think" this is a sorry excuse for a university. I had to stay an extra year because I wasn't informed until the last minute that I needed a certain class to graduate. I was at valencia for 2 years and NEVER encountered these problems. But as soon as I transferred over it's been problem after problem, hurdle after hurdle in order to even attend a semester. So save your time and money and go to another school.

  • Clifford Pool 219 days ago

    There are a super long list of reasons why I have not enjoyed UCF up to this point, but to keep it short, I'll just cover the basics. I have been taking classes here for a year. Pay double the tuition as Valencia. Be in a class of 400 students with no A/C so you just sit in class unable to concentrate because you are sweating all over yourself. The A/C sytems are either broken, or just not sufficient, not really sure. Go to the library to study and not be able to find a place to sit, and then sweat all over yourself some more because its absurdly hot in there as well. Not be able to understand your professor because english is their second or third language. Have to park a mile or more from your class, assuming you can even find a spot after paying $80 a semester for a parking pass. And be prepared to be treated as a child by all of the staff you encounter.

  • Mosi London 231 days ago

    For the second largest school in the country it is a great place to be it's like its own small town with its culture and atmosphere

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