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900 University Ave Riverside, CA, 92521
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  • . 166 days ago

    A fine school but the support (financial aid, health, etc) is complete garbage. They rarely respond to your emails and calling them is a nightmare.

  • Ray Marcus 202 days ago

    Murcia Spain inglesgarantizado says hello to Blanca swimmer now at UC Riverside

  • Pl L 251 days ago

    Better hope you don't get some examiners that are so full of their "chicanery glory" or "azteca de oro" types or you will fail the placement exams that are subjective. Call to action y'all !!??

  • Fabian Villalobos 264 days ago

    Great people, chill atmosphere, quiet area. Downtown is fun and the school is close to Big Bear, the desert, several breweries, and wineries in Temecula.

  • Tad G 332 days ago

    Decent mid-tier college. Geographically very large. Good engineering and etymology, terrible parking.

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