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Washington, DC

(202) 638-4663

Closed now
911 F St NW Washington, DC, 20004
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  • cecilia russell 20 days ago

    Super shot out to the manager, for calling and straightening out a misunderstanding. He was super nice & compassionate towards an unfortunate situation. Thanks Sheldon...

  • Black Dawn 21 days ago

    The name Ultrabar is enough to keep me out. Seven security guards and two chicks on the door. Wow. Don’t know what they are thinking. If there was ever a wantabee in a “Nike Dress Shirt” I wouldn’t want to be in the place. Might as well where some white sunglasses and flip flops

  • Kemiya Middleton 72 days ago

    I was considering going to this place tonight to check it out. Considering all the bad reviews from former guests about the aggressive bouncers and poor customer service I doubt I would enjoy myself. I expect good customer service and respect anywhere I spend my hard earned money. Apparently somethings not right. This place needs more quality staff, happy customers, better reviews!

  • Ryan Fonseca-Vega 97 days ago

    Had my 24th birthday party here in early April!! Security was chill no hassle. Since I contacted a club promoter there was no long line for me or any of my friends who came!! With also free/reduced prices entry! I had the luxury of having my table next to the DJ booth and was lit the entire night until the very minute they closed. All of my friends had a great time as well. No complaints! Will definitely hit this place again for my or any of my friends birthday!! Best place to party if you got some under 21 peeps rolling with you! Or not!! Lit no matter what!! Balloon drop on Fridays and wide variety of music on each floor.

  • Dannielle Forrest 99 days ago

    I have frequented ultrabar many times over the years, and after last night's experience, I won't be coming back. It seems that others have had a similar experience with one bouncer in particular; that doesn't know how to properly assess a valid ID. He laughed rudely after I told him to scan it, and told me to "bring a real ID" next time. Luckily another bouncer verified that it was real, but I received no apology for his unprofessional behavior after originally being turned away. A message to management: hire WELL TRAINED security that know how to interact with your patrons and assess IDs -- not bullies. I'm absolutely disgusted and offended, but I doubt this will change.

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