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True Runner

Brentwood, MO
1507 S Brentwood Blvd Brentwood, MO, 63144
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  • Jeremy Genin 58 days ago

    Great service and great products! Knowledgeable staff. Check this place out they are awesome! I worked with Ross and he made our buying experience beyond excellent!

  • Nick S. 82 days ago

    Very helpful and HUGE selection. Staff is awesome.

  • Timothy Nichols 136 days ago

    Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They are all pretty much runners so they have a good understanding of the equipment that you are there to buy. Like all good running stores they will watch you run on a treadmill to recommend certain types of shoes over others and then let you wear the shoes you're trying on on the treadmill. Shoes are a bit pricey and you can almost always find them cheaper online, but when you buy from this store you can try on so many different models with an "expert" helping you out. Something online shopping can't really do for you.

  • Barbara D 192 days ago

    Whenever someone goes above and beyond with customer service, we love to share the feedback with their management so that they can receive recognition from their leadership that they deserve. Although I had sent the manager (Jenny) and email regarding our wonderful experience at this store this past Tuesday (8/9/2016), and received a reply the next day, I forgot to write a review; so here it is: My husband and I took our VERY meticulous son shopping yesterday (Aug 9th) late afternoon, which can be major life tests of patience, unconditional acceptance, and the ability to effortlessly go with the flow of Life without resistance. However, thanks to one of their exceptional employees, Thaddeus/Thad, buying two pairs of shoes---one for running and one for daily wear---that could take a LONG time, ended up as a smooth and enjoyable process. Thaddeus/Thad was genuinely friendly, very patient, and informative---aware of a lot of details regarding various types of shoes. In addition, there were more than enough colorful and unique designs to choose from, and they all appeared to be of great quality. We’ve been to a lot of shoes stores across this nation and in other countries, but no one has moved me to the point where I felt a strong urge to share my experience with others. Thaddeus is a gentle, loving, and lovable soul with a BIG Heart, which seems to be rare on this planet. I’m confident that no matter where he works and chooses to simply BE, his soul-touching presence will radiate much positive energies, which will highly impact interconnected Life within this Universe and beyond. Thank you Thad, we truly appreciate you. ^_^ Continue Being an invaluable gift to self/Spirit, interconnected humanity, Mother Earth, merging worlds, and beyond. This world needs more priceless souls like you. Always’s not about earthly labels---to include a job title, how much money one makes, what society considers important, worthy and valuable, etc.---but who you truly are from within (that no one can take away). Continue to have exciting and relaxing present Moments of Now! ;-) By the way, I later asked our son for feedback on the running shoes (Kinvara 6) the day of cross country practice, and he said they were perfect. He also stated that the shoes that he likes to wear casually (Nike Free) were very comfortable as well, that he didn’t even need to wear socks with them.

  • RoxAnn Raisner 197 days ago

    Staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. Great selection of running gear. Love this store!

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