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1141 Broadway New York, NY, 10001
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  • xitsbria 22 days ago

    Paid $100 for event on NYE Gala for toshis. Waited in line for 2 hours. When we got to the door, we were told to back up. They shut the doors in our faces and said no one else was being allowed in, not even people who were already inside with wristbands. Fire department had showed up because of over capacity. Hence why we weren't let inside. Security was very rowdy and management had to come outside to calm everyone down. Told customers they would issue refund for individuals who didn't make it inside. I am currently fighting for my money back... overall was a terrible night. Please be careful with their non refund policy. Wouldn't want anyone else to experience the same thing!

  • jonathan sinton 22 days ago

    No words can describe how bad this place is. $100 open bar on NYE sounds ok except they massively oversell tickets and have virtually no bar staff. So you are essentially paying to queue up all night (outside in the cold for half of it too). Staff completely clueless, bathrooms outside (but beware if you go outside to the toilet they won't let you back in without queueing again), lost our coats...the list goes on. Special mention for toshi himself who took zero accountability and swanned around with his toy dog until he realised how many irate people there were and quickly disappeared. Simply a horrid horrid experience - money grabbing being more important than patron experience will hopefully see it go out of business sometime soon. But you never know... they deleted my last review - I suspect they did the same with other reviews too.

  • Damian R 44 days ago

    Great music and relaxing atmosphere. I loved the band, especially the young man playing the guitar

  • Harry P. 107 days ago

    The manager Nicci was incredible. I planned my girlfriends birthday party and a surprise engagement. Nicci helped me coordinate the proposal with the live band and everything went perfectly! The band was wonderful, and supportive. I couldn't be happier. My girlfriend, now fiance couldn't have been any happier. From the manager to the bus boy, A++. I'm considering having my engagement party on their rooftop suite. Their chicken wings were slamming! A+++

  • Noreen Butler 164 days ago

    I am so happy that I once again had the best time !! this place is so awesome! the owners are lovely! the bartenders and service peeps are just so kind and engaging ! the people and the crowd are diverse and friendly and the music is such great quality . which is why I go! great place!!

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