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Theatre 80

New York, NY
80 St. Marks Place New York, NY, 10003
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  • Jonny S 4 days ago

    Quaint, cozy, historic. Watch the mentalism show!

  • Michael Lebron 27 days ago

    Used to be one of my favorite art-house film place back in the 70s, 80s along with Bleeker Street Cinema and Carnagie Hall Cinema.

  • Helen Bala 28 days ago

    Love this place! My grandmother used to take us here in the early 80's to watch old classics like Singing in The Rain or The Wizard of Oz. I am glad the family has maintained the space

  • Danny Levy 173 days ago

    Cozy little theater. I saw iLuminate here and it was a great experience. The lobby isn't air conditioned but the theatre itself was (and well, at that). It's in a decent area with coffee shops among other things around.

  • xiao hello 220 days ago

    I do enjoy various musicals and plays on Broadway- I've seen a ton- but none of them has made me laugh as hard as this one! They certainly have a great cast right now too! The chemistry between them all is just awesome. You know you have a great cast when they are up there clearly having fun with each other and it shows. I have to say, John Duff who plays "AC Slater" was my absolute favorite! And a close second was Seth Blum who played "Mr. Belding" and various other characters like "Tori."

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