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The Women's Center

Vienna, VA
133 Park St NE Vienna, VA, 22180
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  • Naheed Mann 451 days ago

    It's a bit difficult to navigate around the office buildings for this organization. They do offer great counseling services to women. Especially if you need advocacy and support for domestic violence situations. I would recommend going through DVAC and then transition over to TWC if that does not work out for you. DVAC offers free services whereas TWC offers low cost paid services.

  • Shannon Morley 1176 days ago

    In March of 2014 my life was thrown in the shredder. I was fully committed in every aspect of my life to my marriage. I had lived my life with my husband for 20 years, following his dreams, moving when his job said we needed to move, agreeing to let him have and help him get whatever he wanted. And he decided to leave. I knew absolutely nothing about divorce. He was the breadwinner and the one handled all of the finances and personal family business. I was working a part-time job with no benefits in a strange city 7 hours away from most of my friends and family. The Women's Center provided me with all of the information, resources and support I needed far from home during the most difficult and stressful time of my life. The Women's Center provides excellent classes on divorce, given by well-seasoned and experienced outstanding attourneys and mediators. The classes are informative and objective, and the opportunity is given to have all of your questions answered. They point you in the direction of additional resources to get more of your questions answered through consultations. When I arrived at the women's center I was 1000% clueless about divorce, and after attending the classes and talking with the instructors, I guided the entire process of the divorce that my husband wanted. Through the women's center I found our excellent mediator at a discounted rate, which made it much more affordable and accessible. Our mediator is thorough and very professional and has a great reputation. I also found my awesome attorney at a discounted hourly rate from their list, who provided me with concise and practical legal advice, everything I needed to get what I deserve from my commitment to our life together. I needed some career advice and financial advice as well. I did not get an appointment with the financial advisor through the women's center, because they were booked up months in advance. But I did attend career counseling, who noticed during our first meeting that what I needed was not actually career counseling but morale and emotional and psychological support for the life change and the process. My EAP counseling sessions had run out. I attended weekly counseling sessions with the counselors at The Women's Center for a rate that I was able to pay on my part-time job income. My counselors were working as interns to gain experience, and I have to be honest -- in MANY ways they were much more helpful to me than the fancy doctors with degrees that EAP had sent me to. I can't say enough good things about them. I have followed an opportunity to be back with friends and family and pursue my career in my hometown, but I miss The Women's Center. How lucky Northern Virginia is to have such a helpful and high-quality resource. I will always be grateful. My husband was the one who wanted the divorce, but I was the one who guided the whole entire process. . They for clueless people like me, who didn't expect this to ever happen. I got my questions answered A year later I am back on my feet and looking forward to a bright future of my own making.

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