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31 NW 1st Ave Portland, OR, 97209
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  • Jonathan Miller 13 days ago

    Great music, stereo, very friendly staff(except for the male bartender that wears glasses) One star review because someone decided money was more important than safety. This club does not provide free water which is an absolutely absurd policy for a club that plays electronic music. .

  • Sam Cardona 41 days ago

    Never had a bad experience here. Friendly staff, great shows, cool space, reasonable prices. If you aren't acting like a fool you won't encounter any issues at all.

  • Michael Cuff 47 days ago

    Girlfriend and I went for new year's. First the bar tender messed up our simple order of Mac n cheese bite and we waited for over 20 minutes then decided to ask if they were gonna be ready soon. The bar tender then yelled at us saying we ordered something completely different and commented on whether my dad ever taught me not to lie! Extremely rude and unprofessional! Never got our Mac n cheese bites. The same guy also went to his fellow bar tenders RIGHT IN FRONT OF US and blatantly told them not to serve us while pointing directly at us and making eye contact. Fortunately his coworker was kind enough to ignore his dumbass and promptly serve us. Not only that but my girlfriend's jacket, ID, and credit card were all stolen from the bar!

  • Jeramie K 60 days ago

    I got kicked out for "stumbling" after being there for 30 minutes. I don't drink or do drugs by the way. I was dancing 27 minutes of that time. The employees are all arrogant pieces of garbage. Stay away unless forced to go there. It contains mostly just the scum of the Earth that have heads bigger than their respective egos.

  • Rachelle Burgard 75 days ago

    I've had a Blas every time I've been to Whiskey Bar. Great music, cheap drinks and lots of pretty girls. Best place to be on a Wednesday night.

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