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129 Malden St Boston, MA, 02118
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  • HA B 180 days ago

    Vicky scheduled my dog to go for her then just dropped him to another person who trimmed his nails too short (bled repeatedly after initial stop with every walk for 3 days), did not use the anti allergen shampoo even though I specifically said he has sensitive skin and completely shaved his underarms after I asked not to because he is a puller and needs his fur to avoid skin breaking - a month later and the hair still hasn't grown back. Thanks for nothing Urban Hound.

  • Lisa Jenks 242 days ago

    Vicky is the best groomer ever! Everyone at the Urban Hound is so warm and friendly. We love sending Ballou over. We also appreciate that the Urban Hound gives back to the neighborhood in countless ways.

  • Lee McGuire 502 days ago

    We could not ask for a better home away from home for our dog. Rebecca and the staff take wonderful care of every client and truly do know everyone (people and dogs) they serve. We have been working with Urban Hounds before they even had a permanent building. Before that we had tried a whole bunch of dog day care options and nothing even comes close. It's a little pricy but you really do get your money's worth.

  • Caroline Block 661 days ago

    Urban Hound is a fabulous facility for dogs. The staff is knowledgable, caring and engaged. Nick and Ashely are fabulous dog trainers who really understand dog psychology. The dog socialization classes are very helpful, as are individual lessons. Vicky grooms our two golden retrievers and does a wonderful job. After trying some other groomers in the South End, this is by far the best place.

  • Peter Comeau 805 days ago

    I've been bringing my pup here since she was about 6 months. Four years later I am so grateful to have the wonderful people of urban hound. They are always so happy to see my Roxie and she absolutely LOVES it there. They have been so great, I can't speak highly enough of this place!!!

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