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The Tree of Joliet (Formerly Mojoes)

Joliet, IL
22 W Cass St Joliet, IL, 60432
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  • Matt Schwartz 507 days ago

    Went for new year. Swapped money for alcohol. Drank alcohol, got drunk. Bar preformed like a bar. 5/7 would recommend.

  • Steve Miller 633 days ago

    This place is awful. I am a photographer from Chicago and I have been to hundreds of concerts across the chicagoland area. Out of all the concerts I have been to, I have never been harassed by security like THE TREE OF JOILET displayed. When it was Mojoes, I would go up to the balcony and take pictures. Went to The Tree To see Scott Stapp on 8/28/2016 as i'm going up to the balcony security grabbed my arm and started to yell in my face "YOU CANT GO UP THERE." Why? "YOU HAVE TO BUY COFFEE" I`m just going to take a few pictures. " I DONT CARE YOU HAVE TO BUY SOMETHING." After that I wanted to leave. Its hard to enjoy the rest of the show when someone laid their hands on you and screamed in your face like some Army Drill Sergeant. Other people where complaining that night about the staff as well. Very unpleasant and I will never go back.

  • jackie k 633 days ago

    I can't even believe that this place is still in business. Not only is the staff rude they are also very unprofessional. I went to the Scott staph show last night and they had so many dumb rules that i could not even enjoy the show that i payed 30 dollars for!!!!! We could not go upstairs to check it out unless we bought coffee... who buys coffee at 11 p.m. at a show?!?? Also you cannot sing along with the artist because somehow they say u steal the spotlight from them??? what ?!?? i paid 7 dollars for A drink and the bartender handed me a tiny plastic cup with majority of ice in it... my boyfriend was trying to have fun and he was singing along with a mic in his hand .. they took the mic away and some staff member tried to rip it out of his hands like a hyena. The bouncer was yelling at us for trying to have fun and threatened d to kick us out cause "we're having too much fun." You have to be kidding me.. waste of money, time and patience. This place should not even be in operation and they should just shut it down..... HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. there was not option for no star rating.. but if there was one i would definitely choose that.

  • brett hohenwater 641 days ago

    The second I walked through the door we were treated rudely. The guy at the front door selling tickets was rude to me and my friend. Later my friends get up and walked away to go get a drink at the bar. They were gone for half an hour to forty five minutes. I go over there and they haven't even been served yet. I need to mention that the place was not packed, it was a really slow night compared to when it was Moe Joes. After another ten minutes of waiting with them my friend wants to close his tab and they tell them that they can't find his card. They had to search for the for like another 15 minutes. There was no organized place for cards. They were spread all over the counter waiting to fall in between or behind the counters. They did give him his drink for free though. During this one of the bartenders yelled who needs a drink and it sounded like the entire place cheered all at once. One of the bartenders kept going outside and walking up and down the street and one of my friends asked her if she was ok and she said she was looking for food. Not while the bar was empty either. Then the same guy at the front door was rude to us walking out. Horrible experience. I have never been driven to write a negative review but the tree has inspired me. Never had a time like that at Moe Joes. Will never go back.

  • James Rodriguez 716 days ago

    Hosted a couple events here and have to say by far one of the best places to host and throw parties/events at in Joliet. Great staff, good drink speicals, amazing sound and lighting. This place is def the party spot to be at in Joliet!

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