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The Shop

New York, NY

(212) 601-1234

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(212) 601-1234

Closed now
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485 5th Ave New York, NY, 10017
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  • Yulichka Yul'ka 66 days ago

    i usually never write reviews, but this time i just had to!!! we we recommended to go to this restaurant, once we came in it looked nice and cozy. there was 4 of us ( adults ) and 2 children ( 1 year old) . we got our food pretty fast, it was ok, nothing special. but once we got our bill, we were shocked!!!! they charged us 20% graduate charge for party over 5 people.!!!! again there was only 4 adults!!!! our kids are 1!!!!! no one told us, that they have this policy, not hostess, not waiter. when i asked to speak with manager, hostess told me that SHE is the manager, which was total BS!!! the staff didn't even want to work with us, to accommodate us somehow. we had brunch for over $200!!! that's crazy!!! oh they have it written down in the menu, in such a small letters, that NO ONE will ever pay attention to that ! or anyone would think that anyone would charge 20% when u have a party of 4 adults, and 2 toddlers !!! dont ever go there. there are lots and lots of restaurants in NYC, go there!

  • Erik Wagner 77 days ago

    My favorite place in midtown for a professional or client breakfast meeting.

  • jean justino 147 days ago

    Overpriced and old! A coffee place without an expressi machine which means only regular black coffee that costs 5 bucks. Ok breakfast

  • dionne lummus 157 days ago

    The people here are so rude. Wanted to get a nice bottle of wine, some appetizers and dessert. Nope. “Have to order something off the lunch menu” “per their ordinance” which place down the street said doesn’t exist. Since when is something off the appetizer menu not “lunch”. Called back and the same uneducated guy pretended he was the manager. Nice try. Feel like pretty woman. Went down street and our bill was $374 plus tip. Their loss. Nicest people at Annie Moore’s around the corner. Will make sure my family doesn’t ever try to go there again.

  • Mark Jewell 602 days ago

    Hotel bar with low, deep wooden chairs. The setting is very attractive and relaxed and there is an excellent view of the the library. Drinks selection is broad enough and service excellent. Toilets are oddly located on floor 2 but this gives a great view of some of the other aspects of the hotel (this is what the pics are of)

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