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The Salsa Room

Arlington, VA

(703) 685-0790

Closed now
2619 Columbia Pike Arlington, VA, 22204
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  • Naheed Mann 4 days ago

    Great place to dance bachata, salsa, and all that other hip shaking good stuff! Nice atmosphere. Loads of sweaty men! Repeat comers so you see alot of the same folks monthly or weekly.

  • Gfg Armas 6 days ago

    So My friend got super excited about the Salsa classes, we got pretty and decided to hit the place ,I usually go to DC and know different clubs , but why not to try something new!. My friend is White and I wanted to pleased her, we arrived ,the first thing was a comment from the security on my ID, I wear glasses but just to drive, so I looked different, he mocked my ID and comment about it to the other guy, but ok I was ok with it I do looked different in my Id,we paid $15 at the entrance, and we got some drinks and tacos, the place looks ok ! Anyhow classes started so we made the line, they asked us to partner with a guy, the weren't many guys available at all, so for my friend I pretended to be the guy, until they asked us to rotated , I felt silly but ok! I'm latina those classes weren't necessary since I know how to dance Bachata but ok I went with the flow, then the instructor guy pointed me out in front of everyone " why this girl is pretending to be a dude" he said In front of everyone!!!! And he kept saying " yes that girl right there" ...first of all it disgusted me to be talked like that in front of everyone, secondly what about I'm lesbian and I would like to learned Bachata?. I definitely stopped and let my friend finished, we left right after...I don't get dress up , drive to a place, paid to the place , to be disrespected by a so call " teacher". I would definitely never returned to do business with them. No no Thanks keep your disrespected way .

  • Sui Chen 26 days ago

    I went there on a Thursday night when I came for work in Washington D.C. for a few days and it was a fun place to be at. The dance floor was very spacious. You don't need a dance partner to go with if you are just one person. I went there on my own. The teachers will put all guys and girls in a circle, you will switch to a new partner every once a while. The moves are easy to follow because the teachers were very patient and they broke the whole dance into multiple small steps. Anyway, have fun at this place !

  • Jon C. 64 days ago

    It is sad how the doorman decides to not allow people to come in based on the shoes. I was not even wearing sneakers but was turned away even after he asked me about my shoes. Nowhere is there a dress code. The doorman was on the fence about my shoes and had to ask me about them. Which tells you that they were not terrible. Not to mention I have been coming every Friday and Saturday for 6 straight weeks and was allowed entry with the same shoes. Oh and the doorman then tells me that maybe later on I could get in. LATER ON? Are you serious? What's different later on than at that moment? Oh let's not forget that the lessons are supposed to start at 8:15pm but the doors are never opened on time. It is sad that there is no consistency or any work ethic. I guess the club doesn't care for accountability.

  • Gregory Mitchel 77 days ago

    Great dance spot. Im new to the dance scene and this area in general, The salsa room was definitely a great experience. The classes in the beginning are a perfect intro for a novice like me, already made new friends and the dance instructor Orlando invited me for his classes next week. Cant wait!!

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