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920 14th St NW Washington, DC, 20005
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  • james earle Today

    Nice atmosphere for the grown and sexy. Food is also great.

  • zadia smile 19 days ago

    5 to their jerk wiiiiings & Mac, sliders too. The salmon salad get a HellYeah!. Great happy hour they get busy in there, go to 1st floor bar for the best drinks & you get glass cups vrs plastic in upper levels. Make advance reservation if you want to dine. A 4star because most of their table for two are squished in their walkways/entry where everyone is walking in from the streets.

  • Barbara Brack 20 days ago

    The owner was very condescending he was insulting I was at his establishment for a BBD album release party in order for me to get in I had to change my outfit which means I had to go buy something to put on The Establishment was not equipped for the fans the bouncers / security was awful I seen them snatch women and pull them I seen them push people to try and clear the walkway it was just unacceptable the space Justin is not equipped for a group such as BBD. When the artist was wanting to take pictures with the fans security was harassing and giving the fans a hard time the group members told them several times to let me up so I can get my picture they refused finally Ronnie DeVoe told someone to tell security to let me up and I finally got my picture no thanks to the staff of the park. Several fans have posted about this establishment now they would never return even if BBD or New Edition would be there I'm only giving it a one-star because I got to see BBD

  • Michael Lai 36 days ago

    There's theme nights (aka asian night, black professional nights, etc). A lot of high profile celebrities make their appearance here. I saw Jamie Foxx and J. Cole here. Drinks are expensive in DC's Club area

  • Gbenga Fakilede 59 days ago

    Always a warm and inviting atmosphere. I love that they go out of their way to actually decorate during the holidays. They always seem to put 110% into everything they do, from the food, to the service, to the ambiance. Big fan of The Park

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