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The New Parkway Theater

Oakland, CA

(510) 658-7900

Closed now

(510) 658-7900

Closed now
474 24th St Oakland, CA, 94612
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  • Sally McKinney 6 days ago

    You can order up front and have your food delivered to you at your seat. Pretty cool. They have lots of vegetarian friendly and gluten free offerings. Only two screens, but they play a lot of movies regular theaters don't offer--like documentaries and foreign films. There are couches in one theater and a balcony in the other with comfortable office chairs. Fun place, but parking is difficult.

  • Brogan Stich 22 days ago

    This place is a good movie theater, and a great community center. While this is a relatively negative review I don't want to take away what this place does really well. If you're coming for a movie and just a movie New Parkway is great. That said I think there is room for improvement on some things, first and foremost the line getting into the theater; we arrived at 6:15 for a 6:40 showing to get good seats, we were told that the doors open at 6:30 and too wait in the lobby till then. We ordered and sat on couches and waited. With no system to check when people arrived the line was soon out the door and people who had online tickets were able to get in-front of people who had been waiting. We were one of the first groups there but one of the last seated. This along with the fact that some seats in the theater have little to no view of the screen, makes it so that when people arrive and how they are seated is important. The other thing that was an inconvenience was the pizza we ordered, while others in our group had delicious food, the pizza was both burned and under-cooked. So ordering food here is hit or miss it seems. Those things said though, The popcorn was good and the drinks too. I like New Parkway and with some changes it would quickly become one of my favorite movie theaters in east bay.

  • Ebo Dawson-Andoh 30 days ago

    Great place to see movies that aren't currently in mainstream theaters. More of a homie feel than most theaters. Food orders can take a while but still pretty tasty. Highly recommend if you live in Oakland or even if you're just visiting from SF or beyond!

  • Madison E. Martin 59 days ago

    Neat theater and atmosphere. Lots of options for snacks and drinks. While we didn't try one, the ice cream shakes looked very tempting! In general, lounge seating (couches, rocking chairs, bean bag chairs) options are good. There are rows of computer chairs (on wheels) that I personally didn't find appealing. Overall, fun place to see a movie!

  • Paige Vidnovic 97 days ago

    They're doing some renovations I think? This is a long-standing and time treasured form of art. The old parkway was an honored gift from heaven. The new parkway I haven't been able to see a movie at yet. They have trivia nights, drawing nights, this place has it all!! Movies give me so many feels. I can't wait to see what's next!

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