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The New Parkway Theater

Oakland, CA

(510) 658-7900

Closed now

(510) 658-7900

Closed now
474 24th St Oakland, CA, 94612
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  • Todd Rezsnyak 1 day ago

    I love the atmosphere of this place. The theater seating is a series of couches that are (surprisingly) comfortable but can be an eyesore to look at (but who cares in the dark)? The food is good and they have lots of regular events going on that may be of interest to people. You should check it out.

  • Suzanne Lander 8 days ago

    Love their trivia night on the mezzanine (on Thursday), the popcorn is yummy, the movie seating is fun, the prices are good. Plus what a green organization with reusable cups, bowls, and cloth napkins. While some people compare it unfavorably to the original Parkway, that place is long gone, so stop with the nostalgia and enjoy what is an asset to the community.

  • Cindy G 18 days ago

    It changes of traditional movie theaters. I really appreciate the atmosphere. The staff is really friendly. Some couches aren't comfortable but you can always move to others! Some you would fall asleep in!! Food's great so are the drinks. Parking can't be a problem but I never had the issue. I hope to be back soon.

  • Nabil Alhadithy 26 days ago

    Great place. Nice people. Great selection of films. Some seats leave u with pain in the neck (#2). Food..meh! Leave 15 min to find parking.

  • Sophie Reiser 32 days ago

    Love the vibe at new parkway but not so much for trivia. The upstairs space (where Trivia takes place) is really small / awkwardly laid out for trivia, especially if you have 4 or more people. Definitely get there at least 15 mins early. I also just can’t believe how expensive their food is for what you get. $9 for fries and $19 for cheese pizza is just nuts. I know Oakland is gentrification-center but these prices are not justified.

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