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The New Movement - Austin

Austin, TX

(512) 696-2590

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616 Lavaca St Austin, TX, 78701
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  • HungryHippocampus 115 days ago

    After being told that they are no longer byob I quietley gave up my bottle of whiskey to check in. After their brilliant show my friends and I ran outside. I forgot to check out my bottle. I've been calling for 3 days and haven't had a call back. So guys from New Movement please reach out to me.

  • Jessica Flint 178 days ago

    I did the level 1 improv class and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to become more confident in front of people. I did Toastmasters for a year to improve my public speaking and found an 8 week improv class to be just as effective, if not more. Nathan Ehrmann is a very talented teacher. His style and structure bring the best out of any beginner. Another perk of being a student is you get to attend shows for free!

  • Samantha Martinez 183 days ago

    I joined this theater as a student March 2016. I dedicated almost an entire year studying under some very talented people. The workshops are great and you learn a lot about yourself and what your emotional limits are. The reason for the one star is because this community and club does a terrible job of resolving and removing talent that often offend, insult and even abuse guests, other performers, and customers. Unless you say something about this club publicly, they really don't do much but continue to support the problem person. I should know first hand. My personal experience with the staff and performers are the reason why I refuse to step foot in this community and club. So come for the classes but don't get too involved. HR and the staff won't really help you out even if you ask for it.

  • Sara Gamez 291 days ago

    Worst customer service ever! This place deserves 0 stars! Drove all the way out from Houston to come see the show. Lindsey Cracker told me," We're sold out." Which I told her I got the tickets 3 weeks ahead of time for my husbands birthday as a surprise. But she decided to sell my tickets to other people. So I asked if they will be generous to place two seats so we can watch the show yet they denied it even after explaining why it was important to watch this show. But yet again they were rude about the situation being careless; so I asked for a refund as well wanting to get the managers contact information which they denied it. Yet how are his employees contacted to come to work? So they tell me he doesn't have a phone number or business card that he can only be reached through Facebook; which I asked if I can have it and they denied it again. They tried calling the cops because they wanted us to leave with no source of manager contact. So my husband started to record for proof of evidence of the conversation and that's when they "tried" to get a manager in contact. Which never happened. Worst place to go! They're in denial for what they did wrong.

  • Erin Hinga 686 days ago

    Pretty good! We went to see Rob G performance. Some of the intro comedians were not good and you could tell they had some issues they needed to sort out personally. But Rob was great! Also, the balancing brothers was so funny and awkward at the same time! You need to see them perform! The place is small and quaint. It's BYOB, which is nice. But the place isn't anything fancy, which is fine for a comedy club

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