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529 14th Street NW Washington, DC, 20045
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  • re hs 22 days ago

    There is a difference between class and classy. This place is the latter. I'm pretty sure my relatives who think Regan is the greatest american to have lived and that spending 400$ on a pair of boots means you are the height of fashion would be super impressed by this place. It's like someplace they see super important people going to in the movies. DC has much better to offer don't waste your time.

  • Justin Russell 47 days ago

    Historic AND great food.... best kept secret in DC

  • Justin Metzger 77 days ago

    Great place to see and hear from a number of diverse voices, and always they accept audience questions.

  • Fairfax City Reporter 117 days ago

    Google guide went to the National Press club for training event. Ornamented with flag of every country inside of the well preserved National Press club in Washington DC.

  • Matthew Manning 143 days ago

    Beautiful venue with class and history, located in the top floor of its building. Great view, good appetizer service for your event, and wonderful historical energy with the photos of newsworthy personalities throughout modern history.

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