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The Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York, NY

(212) 731-1498

Closed now

(212) 731-1498

Closed now
1000 5th Ave New York, NY, 10028
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  • don willey 6 days ago

    We had very limited time and my first step on arrival was to snagged a map and to discuss what to see in limited time with my wife. We picked the American art (with potentially historic items from New York) and the adjacent exhibits on musical instruments using the criteria that the first might be unique to this place, and that the second was relevant to us because she is a professional musician and I am an amateur. The scale of the museum is remarkable. To get where we were heading we passed by an exhibit about fashion and there were not only gowns, but also music and as my wife might describe it, good opportunities for people watching. This museum is a good place to wander, be surprised at the variety of things people have created, and to learn new things, and was a favorite among a wealth of favorites from a too short visit to NYC.

  • Ciara Belen 12 days ago

    Such a great place to go. I am a NY state resident so it technically could have been free entry! I went in expecting to pay full price so this was a wonderful surprise. Such amazing art here. I would set aside at least 4 hours so that you can see mostly everything. I was unfortunately was only able to stay a little while but would love to return and spend the day there looking at the works!

  • Malina Malina 22 days ago

    It was cool exhibition of catholic style of art in a fashion world. It was interesting! With theme music and stuff. We enjoyed that day in museum. You still have time to visit till September 2018. I felt like I moved to a past with this music. Kind of scary sometimes but you feel the soul and darkness. Interesting experience and you can pay any price at the entrance if you would say you donate (you welcome 😂) so I would like to go on some other exhibitions at this place. And even without they still have many interesting thing to look at.

  • Mel J 26 days ago

    An amazing place. I thought I’d like it but it surprised me just how much. I started with the ancient muddle east and then the people of the islands near a Australia and the Polynesians. Honestly I liked their cultural artwork more than anything else. I didn’t expect that going in. From their masks to their boats and paddles. I just thought it was incredible. Their were two teens near me making fun of it. I guess different people have different tastes? But the works from different African cultures were great. The Persian exhibit was way bigger than I would’ve thought. There was a special thanks to the Iranian American community. Clearly they put a lot into it some of the American and European painting depicting the working class grabbed me too. As did the Black American art and quilts from the Jim Crow days. The Chinese and Indian art was standout too. I’m leaving so much out. It was great. Five times I thought I saw it all and then realized I missed something big. The place turned out to have at four times the amount of art as I would’ve thought. It was just too much. Too much of a good thing. If I didn’t live over a thousand miles away I would’ve gone back the very next day. I had a huge backpack because it was my last day in town and I had just discharged from my hotel. That kinda whooped me and I’m still sore. I should’ve gone a day or two earlier. Don’t go with a heavy backpack. I will say that the fashion show thing isn’t my cup of tea, but it was for a lot of people. They were going wild for it. Fashion inspired by Catholicism. I did like some of it though. I can’t recommend the Metropolitan Museum any higher. An amazing place. I will be back.

  • Pradeep Peethambaram 28 days ago

    Best place on Earth. I spent few hours here on a busy evening but it was the best time of my life. The paintings, the sculptures, the Egypt collection, etc were mind-blowing. There was a sketching session coordinated by some art students. It was very intriguing and fun. You would need more than a day or two to appreciate all the art and artifacts in this museum. Some paintings are so mesmerizing that you'd want to spend quite some time looking at it. Enjoyed every minute that I spent in the met museum.

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