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3595 Clairmont Rd Atlanta, GA, 30319
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  • Shivita Stevenson 2 days ago

    LADIES DON'T WEAR YOUR GOOD GOOD HEELS COMING HERE UNLESS YOU GETTING A SECTION(no seating to rest those corns lol) good music good drinks good vibe long lines but expect that when coming here. YOU WILL BE WAITING.

  • Jocelyn Melvin 116 days ago

    I went on a Friday night with between 15-20 other family and friends. We got there around 1:20am. We all paid $20 to get in whIle they still had at least 100 people standing in the free line. The club wasn't packed, but it was a nice size crowd. The waitresses barely had anyone buying anything from the bar,but they still took at least 10 minutes to take my order. Around 2:45am, I ordered six bottled waters. I stood at the bar while drinking one. A security guard told me and others in my group that we needed to move because we were blocking the whole bar. I thought he was joking, until he came back several times to say it repeatedly. I told him I just bought six bottled waters and I cannot drink one at the bar? He kept saying we were stopping the waitress from making her money. The whole side of the bar we were at was empty, I showed this to him, also the fact that a whole lot of other people were just leaning on the other side of the bar while not drinking anything. He started saying that I'm influencing other people to not buy drinks because I'm drinking water at the bar. I told him nobody is buying anything and they should be happy I ever bought the water. I explained to him that at that time of the night we all were trying to sober up to not catch a DUI, if that happens you definitely will lose out on people going to clubs and drinking alcohol. All he could understand was, you're blocking the whole bar, and you're drinking water. In other words I'm going to take it out on the very people who at least brought them probably the most business all night. I brought these people to this place only because it was 18 and up and we waneed all of them to come. They all come from out of town and I took them there. I will never take my group of people back considering the fact that the mentality of some people is so much on a low level. I refuse to surround myself or my people with such ignorance that they cannot comprehend what makes a great business successful and keeps the customers satisfied. This is probably why they weren't making very much money in the first place. Be carefulabout what you say to people and how you treat them, you never know who you're talking to and how it can affect you.

  • Lakesha Alexis 119 days ago

    Went here on New Years Eve. Good music and good drinks. This place is spacious on the inside. Patrons are allowed to smoke inside the club. If you're a non-smoker then your clothes and hair smell like cigarettes by the end of the night.

  • Justine Parks 130 days ago

    1/14/17 Omg, HORRIBLE. The lines weren't a problem, since the club was half near empty! With it being a Saturday and promotings on the radio I expected way more ppl than that! The inside was terrible. No chairs, nowhere to sit down, there were grown men fighting, it was just disgusting. I stayed maybe an hour then left. The Dj himself told us we were too classy for that place and that we should have went to compound. I didn't know if I should take that as a compliment or insult but I definitely see it as the truth after last night! The bathroom doors didn't work so you have to hold them closed while you use it! There weren't any servers on the floor. All of them sat in vip sections and partied or stayed at the Dj booth! That was definitely my first and LAST time going there. Please people, don't believe the hype it not worth your money! If I could give no stars I would. I woke up so angry that I wasted my time and money there!

  • Adrian Murray 135 days ago

    Everytime we go to the Mansion we get the same result. A night of drama free fun and dancing.

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