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The Kabbalah Centre - New York

New York, NY

(212) 644-0025

Closed now

(212) 644-0025

Closed now
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155 E 48th St New York, NY, 10017
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  • Gabriel Yakubov 68 days ago

    Spiritually awakening and ascending kind of place.

  • Maya Allan 103 days ago

    Looking to get some answers about life try the center...

  • Lisa M. Bazos 128 days ago

    Love the teaching shared here!!

  • Hans Straub 262 days ago

    The Kabbalah Centre International is a non-profit organization headquartered in Los Angeles, California that provides courses on the Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings online as well as through its regional and city-based centers and study groups worldwide. The presentation of Kabbalah was developed by its leader, Philip Berg, along with his wife, Karen Berg.[1] The Kabbalah Centre International has a multi-ethnic, international staff of teachers that offers training and guidance to its worldwide student community.[2] Traditional Judaism had long held that mysteries of Kabbalah are so complex and so easily misunderstood that students (mostly males) were discouraged from beginning to approach them without a strong background in Jewish law and only after age 40, the age of wisdom according to the Mishnah.[3] Therefore, some traditionalists had seen the Kabbalah Centre as a perversion of Judaism's ancient and secretive mystic tradition.

  • Bernie d 405 days ago

    I signed up for a Power of Kabbalah 1 class (only 10 weeks for $49.00) and within 3 weeks I knew this was where I wanted to be! It's now over 2 years later and I'm delighted to have finally found a spiritual practice that has "stuck". Why? Because it has helped me to truly transform! If you are really looking to improve your life and aren't afraid of looking inward you will love it too.

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