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The Kabbalah Bookstore St. Louis

Clayton, MO

(314) 643-7272

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8121 Maryland Ave Clayton, MO, 63105
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  • Dr Conny Williams 1009 days ago

    While I agree that Kabbalah is authentic it can not be divorced from its roots, which is Judaism. True Kabbalah is a serious subject and takes years to develop. Simply scanning a text does not have magic powers, one ought to read the text and study it like the ancient Kabbalists did. No real Kabbalist would sell a red string, he would give it to you.

  • A Google User 2290 days ago

    Kabbalah has been the greatest gift I have ever received. In every area of life -- in my marriage, with our 2 children, in my friendships, with work and my purpose, my self-esteem and peace of mind -- the wisdom from my teachers at the Kabbalah Centre has enriched my life beyond words. While I have far to go, I know this path is what can help me reach what I am capable of, inside and out. Every step of the way brings a taste of freedom that I have never known before. St. Louis is blessed to have the love and support of the Kabbalah Centre. I only wish everyone could have this gift in their lives.

  • A Google User 2308 days ago

    I have studied the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah now for 5+ years. I have watched as my life has improved - friendships stronger, family ties more loving, view on the world more positive and life all around better. I use the wisdom and tools everyday to change my little corner of the world. I grateful that the St Louis Kabbalah Study group is here to support me as I continue down this lovely journey.

  • A Google User 2315 days ago

    Studying Kabbalah through the Kabbalah Centre's St. Louis Study Group has had a powerfully positive impact on every area of my life...and of the lives of my family. Finally I have the tools I have been looking for to not just talk about change, but to actively be a part of the change in the world. Life tools...I not only know that I am connected to the entire world, I FEEL connected. It is work, but it is the most worthwhile work I have ever done, and I am eternally grateful for the difference that it helps me to make in my life.

  • A Google User 2315 days ago

    The Kabbalah Centre has given me the wisdom, tools & support system to see incredible change in my life and experience happiness beyond measure.. Two years ago, when I first discovered Kabbalah, I felt as if I'd found what I had been searching for my whole life. I've re-discovered my true purpose and meaning of life-If there's one thing I've learned is that Kabbalah is not a 'magic pill'-it's work to be done. And through that work your whole perception and the way that you look at every aspect of life changes. I've been told- "Don't believe a word you hear-try it & see if it works for you." And I did, and it did, and continues to work for me every day.

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