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The Infinite Monkey Theorem

Denver, CO

(303) 736-8376

Closed now
3200 Larimer St Denver, CO, 80205
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  • Sarah Banks 21 days ago

    I love their wine. However, I HATE the way they've redone the place. It now has a trashy, dark, dirty hipster feel to it. I felt like I was at an old bar downtown as opposed to a winery that used to have a classy feel. It's also much smaller inside. I really loved the vibe before they remodeled. I'll keep drinking their wine because it's great, but I don't plan to return to the actual winery. The service is also horribly slow. Sad day.

  • Scruffy Woofy 26 days ago

    I would give this place 10 Stars if I could! I'm just an old wino, that likes really good wines. I think I found my heaven here. So if you come here, you're liable to find me here cuz this is a place that I find amazing!

  • Alan Potter 29 days ago

    If "unpretentious" means "rude" then they've got it down. Wanted to like this place but, sadly, have to agree with other reviewers about the horrible attitude of the woman behind the bar. We were the ONLY ones there on a slow afternoon, and she just stared at us without so much as a "hi". Maybe, being in our sixties, we weren't quite her preferred demographic. She couldn't be bothered to explain how things worked there as far as tastings or tours go. We finally each asked for one taste (we chose two different wines), not knowing whether there would be a charge, or how many tastes we could have.Then we both asked for a glass of one of the wines, and she poured it into both of our same tasting glasses, even though one glass still had a different wine in it. OK, that's definitely unpretentious . . . but it felt more like she was paying absolutely no attention. The wine was good, the patio was very comfortable on a sunny afternoon, but we felt completely brushed off. Would recommend this place ONLY if they decide to hire some friendly human beings to run the bar.

  • Kaeleigh Michelle 53 days ago

    Great atmosphere. Wine is so good. The reason this doesn't get a 5 and only a 3 star is because the bar service was SO bad. It literally felt like on a Friday at 7pm that the bartenders were not trying to make money, they moved incredibly slow, were not friendly (AT ALL), and they were requesting people who were standing at the side bar go and order from the front facing bar after they had already been waiting there forever. Doesn't make sense, just take care of people who want to spend money and would probably make more money in tips. Even the girl sitting at the bar where I was standing said something to me after I order about how strange the bartender attitude was and rude. Hopefully they can improve their friendliness and service time and I can re rate with a 5 star!

  • Kaitlin Browne 148 days ago

    An urban gem in the heart of downtown Denver! If you like wine, this place is for you. I highly recommend the tour if you haven’t been before. You get 5 2oz samples, with the last sample being your choice. You need to email for reservations for the tour, but they are extremely accommodating. I highly recommend trying the bubbles at the end of your tour!

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