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The Indianapolis Propylaeum

Indianapolis, IN
1410 N Delaware St #2 Indianapolis, IN, 46202
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  • Jonathan Douglas 119 days ago

    Great venue for a wedding we attended. Food was amazingly prepared (filet mignon, no less, which is notoriously poorly prepared for large groups). Was a nice option to tour the house during breaks in the event.

  • Troy Hanna 810 days ago

    Every Year for my daughter's birthday we make it a tradition to take her her for Tea! Always a great Lunch! Always Awesome Service! What a great Indianapolis Venue for Any event. Love working with the wonderful staff.

  • Ronda Helterbrand 1020 days ago

    We recently had a family wedding there and to say the least there were numerous issues. The owner is downright rude and she blotched up more things than I can count - the champagne for toasting was the wrong kind, all the guests were supposed to be served iced tea or sparkling cider and only half were offered the cider, she wasn't going to offer a nonalcoholic drink for toasting until it was insisted upon, the dinner was supposed to have 4-5 pieces of asparagus and I only saw 1-2 pieces on several plates, the seating was messed up for dinner as close family members were seated in the back and not near the bride and groom as the owner was clearly instructed to do, the flowers were awful - which she boasted would be so wonderful, and the list could go on. My husband and I had planned on going to one of the mystery dinners but after the way she took care of the wedding for our niece's special day there is NO way I would ever go back. The fact that she was hateful and snapped at a 3 year old flower girl to "STOP", as they were lining up was where I drew the line... rude and very unprofessional!!! I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy.

  • Emily Bailey 1022 days ago

    I went for a murder mystery dinner. The whole experience was pretty crappy. As someone else already stated, they pack 10 tables of 8 into a room barely big enough to hold that many tables. The room is so loud you can't hear the person next to you and that's a big deal when everyone is trying to play a part in the mystery. That's my second problem: the mystery story was terrible. Almost every clue was a red herring. Not one clue cleverly eliminated anyone as a possible culprit. Once the mystery is solved, every clue should make sense and there should be only one possible killer but ANYONE could have been it in this story. Out of 10 tables, only 1 picked the correct murderer and if do the math you can see that they only got it because of the laws of probability. 8 players, 10 tables, 1 correct answer. The food wasn't bad but it was unremarkable. The key lime cake was awful though.

  • Mark Walton 1557 days ago

    Went to a Mystery Dinner on a Friday evening. The mystery would have certainly been a lot of fun except that the place was so packed with people that I - and all at my table of 8 agreed - could not hear much of the clue/mystery package that was delivered by the moderator. If the Propylaeum wants to run mystery events, they should limit the seating to a moderate number. Too many people crammed into a small area makes for a cacophonous uproar that spoils the soup. Speaking of soup... ours was served cold - not lukewarm, but cold. It was probably cream of something like mushroom, but cold didn't tempt me to hunt further. The rest of the meal was equally cool, and I'll say that the pasta was pretty good, the salad was okay, and there was a nice warm raisin pudding for desert - very good. The main course was a generous serving of cold and sadly tasteless chicken. The place needs a better caterer. Service was by friendly waiters and waitresses, and I saw them not at all except when delivering the meal. (Bring your own drink refill...) Except for the noise and unsuccessful food, the evening was made memorable by what must have been a furnace failure. It was FREEZING and DRAFTY. Again everyone at our table commented on the cold breeze ( a middle of November evening). I guess that with such overcrowded conditions the management could only arrange 'too hot' and 'too cold' as options, and chose the brisker. All of this being said, I'd go back for another mystery if the evening was limited to perhaps 48 people at 6 tables, a different caterer was found, and probably a different price point for the experience.

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