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620 T St NW Washington, DC, 20001
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  • Uwannab KC 6 days ago

    Let's start off by saying the bands are great however this establishment doesn't care about it's patrons and their time. Doors were supposed to open at 8:30....we were out in the cold until almost 10 pm and that's because we had VIP seats. The concert was scheduled to start at 9:30...One hour and 20 minutes later the concert starts. The management had no regards for it's patrons time, in addition we were patted down like we were being placed under arrest. TSA doesn't even pat down like that...Second thoughts on coming back. Not a fan I of this .... life!!!

  • Kesha Montre 26 days ago

    Been here twice for a concert. Great setting, fast bar service and beautiful atmosphere. Clean and fun!

  • Jose Lopez-Sanchez 38 days ago

    Went to see the Seu Jorge tribute to David Bowie on Tuesday night (12/13) and was blown away by the quality of the sound. I go to shows with some regularity in DC but this one stood out for how well it was engineered and equalized - even the artist took some time to thank the staff at the end of his show. Also, props to one of the best behaved audiences I've seen. People mainly were quiet and off their phones, really feeling the music. So refreshing to see live music without the murmurs that distract from the experience.

  • Eric B 90 days ago

    On October 23, 2016, I attended the Harlem Gospel Choir Brunch. I was very pleased with the service I received from the wait staff. The Choir did an awesome job. This letter of complaint is in regards to the advertisement and the requirements of the establishment. When I went online to Ticketmaster to purchase my tickets for myself and my group, all that was mentioned was the fact that on X date the Harlem Gospel Choir would be in town for a brunch at this location. It’s important to note that I have attended other brunches at the Howard Theater as well as around the world… so, I’m very secure in knowing the components of a brunch. Once we found our seat, we were all amazed to see a flier on the table stating that there was a $20 brunch charge PER PERSON. Amazed because this was not stated in any of the advertisements when I decided to purchase the tickets to the show. I spoke with the manager and she assured me that the $20 per person fee was on the website. I pulled up the website on my phone and asked her to show it to me… to which her response was “maybe it’s not showing up on THIS phone”.Again, I was really upset at this. How can you advertise for a brunch and once the patrons enter they are then FORCED to spend another $20 per person on the brunch food? And this was not just my issue but other patrons at other tables had the same complaint. About a year ago, I took my family to the Howard Theater for a brunch and the food was included with the ticket. There was no extra $20 charge per person. I think the Howard Theater is a rip off! One thing is advertised and yet that’s not what you will receive once you arrive. At this point, I’m sharing my horrible experience with all of my friends and family, social media platforms and any other way I can explain the horrible experience I encountered. To make matters worse, once the show reached its end… the patrons were asked to “take care of the wait staff”. Unbeknownst to us, there was already a 15% gratuity to each bill already added! (Another example of misrepresentation). Giving a tip to the wait staff is customary in my household but to be FORCED to do it on top of the fact that I’d already spent $60 on 2 cheeseburgers was absolutely absurd! I will not be returning to this establishment. I really wanted to support community based businesses but at this point…I shall not be supporting the Howard Theater again.

  • Adrienne Allen 100 days ago

    Went for a concert: Blonde Redhead feat. American Contemporary Music Ensemble on 10/13/16. Howard Theatre is the perfect space! Didn't try food as kitchen had been closed by the time I arrived, oh well.. great cocktail selection!! Tried the "Ella Fitz" and it was delightful:)

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