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The Historic McFarland House

Martinsburg, WV
409 S Queen St Martinsburg, WV, 25401
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  • Chris B 44 days ago

    I’d like to preface my review by stating that all of these issues arose the day of the wedding, and up until that point we were led to believe that the wedding day was going to be perfect. The house has a built in speaker system that has a number of plugins that allow for playback from the DJs equipment. A week before the wedding, I went and personally tested all the equipment to make sure everything worked alongside my now wife and a staff member of the house. The setup we agreed upon and tested required an XLR cable and converter supplied by the venue, paired with a few other cables that I personally own. Again, this setup was deemed acceptable. The day of the wedding, I ran through the setup with my DJ, using all the same equipment listed before plugged into his laptop. We tested the sound again and everything was great. Fast forward to later in the evening during the reception, while family and friends were on the dance floor having a wonderful time. Michael, one of the owners of the house, cut the music off a number of times, and only turned it back on once he harassed multiple people attending my wedding. Supposedly, the use of the sound system was “not acceptable.” Aside from the fact that we sound checked the system multiple times without any issues, we had been using it for hours before it spontaneously became unacceptable and sparked a number of inappropriate and unprofessional interactions between this man and my guests. He was rude to my mother. He was rude to my brother in law. He was rude to my coordinator. He harassed my DJ. He treated a number of my guests poorly. He was unseen the majority of the evening and only appeared to create tension and conflict on my wedding day. On top of all the issues with the sound, a few smaller problems arose that day that were brought to my attention. We were charged a fee for chairs that included SET UP and take down. We discussed in the weeks before the wedding the exact layout for the chairs. However, they were not SET UP on the big day, they were just out on the lawn and my wife and whoever else arrived first thing in the morning had to SET THEM UP themselves. Bags of trash were left in the open during the reception. Things were being broken down and packed by Michael and his staff well before the reception ended and we needed to leave the venue, as if to push us out early. The bar staff openly expressed to my guests that they didn’t want to be there anymore, leaving my guests feeling guilty, unwelcome, and subject to subpar service. The site is beautiful, and some of the staff were nothing but sweet and willing to make our wedding day special. However, Michael had set out to cause a ruckus and create a number of uncomfortable situations for my family and friends. Instead of opting to act professionally, he leaned towards the side of anger and tasteless attitude. While I personally was left out of these conflicts on my wedding day, I was appalled to hear stories of how my family and guests, even my own mother, were treated with such little respect during one of the biggest days of my life.

  • VRP 44 days ago

    The house itself is pretty , but be prepared to deal with a very rude and not caring staff. We attended a wedding this past weekend and they could not have been less interested in helping to create a good environment and special night for the couple. Be ready to hear a lot of “ i don’t know” , “that is not our job “ , “it’s your fault because you didn’t Bring or did this”. They wouldn’t even take the trash out and let it be right in the middle of the salon, not caring about guests. The man who runs or helps running the place was SO rude to some of us , he even dared to pull my husband’s hand when he was trying to fix the problem. I can’t even imagine treating people this way! It’s so unacceptable. The bar staff would not be shy to tell you with a long face how tired they were, seriously? They kept turning off the music while people was dancing and then pretending they didn’t know what was happening , until you had to get serious and ask them to fix it because it was ruining the reception !they will do it ,But then again they will do it again... They would lie to your face and then they would be whispering behind your back! SO DISAPPOINTED! Believe me , if you want a place for your wedding where you will feel supported and don’t worry about little things that might pop up at last minute ( like in any big event) THIS IS NOT THE PLACE!

  • Edmund Nettrour 45 days ago

    The owner of the house kept harrassing the guests during the reception and kept turning the music off every so often while people were dancing for no apprent reason. The wedding party and guests were great though!

  • Chris Mosley 121 days ago

    If you haven't been here you are missing out on a incredible gem for sure. Chef Sarah is exceptional and her passion and attention to detail is absolutely top notch. Martinsburg is fortunate to have such a wonderful dining experience. We love this place.

  • Ashley 163 days ago

    Beautiful and stunning historical architecture. Very intimate and comfortable setting that's perfect for any large special occasion event. They have a very professional and helpful staff that are very personable and friendly. Excellent food and atmosphere.

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