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The Hamilton

Washington, DC

(202) 787-1000

Open now

(202) 787-1000

Open now
600 14th St NW Washington, DC, 20005
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  • Shelley Leung 19 days ago

    Because of busy dinner time on a Saturday night, my friend and I were seated at the bar area and did not get a chance to see the inner spots of the restaurant itself. Came to visit DC for a weekend and love the ambiance of the restaurant and accessible location. I ordered the crab cake sandwich, which I found to be mediocre and slightly dry. However I got the tuna tartar and my friend got the spring pasta dish. I was able to sample her dish and it was definitely on point. The tuna tartar was very flavorful too, though they can lighten on the soy sauce which made it too salty for an after taste. Staff were super friendly and this place overall had excellent service. I would definitely come again if I am in town to check out more of their menu items. Another disclosure that is not related to the restaurant. It certainly feels a bit sketchy at night since there was a suspicious van loitering around. At one point, the doors opened and you can see a bunch of teens smoking weed inside and asking restaurant patrons that are in the outdoor seating if they wanted a hit, opening an invitation into a dark, windowless van. That struck to me as a shady looking neighborhood despite being in the center of all the tourist attractions and central area so be alert in the area at night.

  • Matthew Cowan 42 days ago

    Part of the Clyde's family of restaurants offering and unique mix of sushi and standard American faire. The quality of food and service is always exceptional as is expected at any of the Clyde's family restaurants. The atmosphere is great inside and if the weather's nice you can snag a seat outside. For sushi lovers they do offer a sushi happy hour. That said, I would recommend reservations on the weekends particularly during tourist heavy periods such as the Cherry Blossom Festival.

  • Ira Tittle 79 days ago

    We like a lot to go out. Last night we arrived in this delicious restaurant which friends told us about. We had a lovely evening there with very good cooking and a nice stuff and a great chief cook. We added this restaurant in our phone list and we will definitely visit again very soon. We deeply recommend.

  • natalie olmstead 82 days ago

    I went here October of 2019, which I guess is a bit of a long time ago now. The service was amazing, and kid friendly. The food was AMAZING, and the music and decor was amazing too. Our waiter was so nice, and considering the fact it has been a year and a half since I ate there, it is an unforgettable experience.

  • Jared Sunshine 198 days ago

    Hamilton doesn't need my approbation and apparently has that of everyone in Washington DC: it's always busy. With an expansive food menu including sushi as well as more traditional American fare you'll always find something to eat all the way until 1 am when they finally closed the kitchen. And as far as service it's famously impeccable -- you probably couldn't get better service at a 3-star Michelin restaurant. One's only complaint is it's too good for its own good, and everyone knows it, and so everyone is there.

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