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The Greatest Bar

Boston, MA

(617) 367-0544

Open now

(617) 367-0544

Open now
262 Friend St Boston, MA, 02114
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  • Romain Hunte 5 days ago

    Would never ever go back to this place. I used to enjoy a night out with my friends there and would see other people be treated badly, but figured they must have done something. Until one night it was my turn. One night, the bouncer stated that my buddy and I were too drunk to get in, which we hadn't drank yet, and he could tell because my buddy, "stumbled off the sidewalk" from a distance. The bouncer wouldn't get his manager upon request, just kept repeating, "have a good night." Bit the bullet and gave it a second go another night, and was told by a different bouncer that my license seemed fake. He threaten to call the officer on duty, again, upon request of the officer, the bouncer refused. Requested the manager, and the manager stated that he "is not trained to tell the difference between a real and fake ID." It's negative reputation is becoming more and more relevant.

  • Ronald Dery 15 days ago

    Amazing 4 floor bar. Great food and drinks! Great place to go before a game or watch a game. Go early to get a seat tho. Gets packed.

  • Stephen Wallace 48 days ago

    Perfect free game experience. The food here is great. The service is fast. Boston sports are playing on screens literally everywhere you look.

  • Luma Carioca 48 days ago

    If the bar is full you pay the full amount to stay just in the first floor... should charge just for 2, 3 floor like some places... can't say much about the rest because was crowded, the drinks is not expensive and waiters who attended us was nice and helpful

  • joseph.o:connor 33 64 days ago

    Great sports bar. Don't go if there aren't and sports games. Attracts the most basic people. If you want cool people not your spot. If you want to slam beers and get very drunk then this is your spot.

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