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The Greatest Bar

Boston, MA

(617) 367-0544

Open now

(617) 367-0544

Open now
262 Friend St Boston, MA, 02114
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  • Khloe Myers 2 days ago

    Amazing! We went for the West Virginia and Villanova game and it was the perfect place to set up. The food is good and the atmosphere is great.

  • C Policastro 4 days ago

    Average bar food. Friendly servers. A cool place to hangout and watch a few games as the second floor had a balcony that overlooks the first floor and the TV screens. Pretty clean restrooms for a bar and lots of space to sit and hangout. Other places nearby to walk to if looking to bar hop.

  • Doc Robinson 5 days ago

    Awesome restaurant. Fantastic wait staff. GREAT owners & managers. Food is top quality, basic menu and PLENTY of it. Live entertainment. ALL sporting events. Multiple function levels. A Tom Brady's throw from the Boston Garden. Right in the public transportation. I'd give it TEN Stars.

  • robert harris 34 days ago

    This was my first experience st the greatest bar. It may have been me going at the right night but the music selection was great. The vibes were right, and everyone was enjoying themselves. I am a person who has a certain taste in music, hip hop, R&B, dancehall, afro-beats and so on. There are 2 floors where you order drinks on the first, and the second had extra seating. Me and my friends who went enjoyed our time, I am sure I would go back again.

  • Sean Avery 91 days ago

    This place is always busy after events at the Garden. The cover charge is fair, they have four floors the first floor being your standard bar area, the second floor overlooks the first, the third is another bar/dance area and I believe the fourth is for special events. The prices are pretty decent for a bar, probably why its called the greatest. The staff is really cool, they are fast with their service and really nice. There are somedays were you can't hear yourself think and other days were you can have a great discussion with a friend. It really depends on the Garden, if there is an event you can expect it to be packed.

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