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The Graduate Center, CUNY

New York, NY

(212) 817-7000

365 5th Ave New York, NY, 10016
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  • Cherishe Cumma 1 day ago

    The Graduate Center is a well developed institution that is full of resources for students of all ages . Within this university there are major program like The CUNY Pipeline program that seeks to diversify Doctoral programs to be more inclusive to “minority” groups so that various forms of research can be conducted and change the boundaries of scholarly work / discourse. Another amazing program within this university is the Futures Initiative Peer Mentoring Program which also seeks to bring together students from various ethnic backgrounds and CUNY campuses so that they can come together and learn how to communicate their feelings and concerns in a safe space. This program promotes the improvement of the quality of experiences that students who are involved in this program have while in the CUNY system. The Graduate Center also had a great cafeteria with various choices such as hot foods, a salad bar, a desert bar as well as various special meals of they day .

  • justo planas 273 days ago

    Wonderful place not only to take classes and study... but also to have luch!

  • gisleidys gonzalez 360 days ago

    I discover this place during my second year in College and since then I call it my favorite place to study. I'm in love with this library!

  • Vickens Moscova 1289 days ago

    I great place of learning. Thanks to BDI Online for the Summit invites.

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