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2412 Gallatin Ave Nashville, TN, 37206
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  • Kimmy Garris 57 days ago

    This is a really lovely, intimate venue! Bar staff was so kind!

  • LEE SMITH 183 days ago

    My wife and I was invited on Tuesday night for!!!!! No one there was funny I was really looking forward to a good laugh.Only thing there that was good was the pizza and beer lol!!!!! Everyone in the place was so stoned and acted like they was on some really good drugs maybe some happy mushrooms..Most of the comedians would start a joke then would run out of time and just walk off stage lol!!!! Who tells one joke for 5 min then stops omg!!!!! If you know you got 5 min to tell a joke at least tell a shorter joke...This place really is terrible!!!!🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Web Webster 340 days ago

    Music, standup and a surprisingly thorough beer list.

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