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The DL

New York, NY

(212) 228-0909

Closed now
95 Delancey St New York, NY, 10002
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  • Joseph Thachil 26 days ago

    Awesome ambience. The rooftop was real classy and kept at the perfect temperature. Wouldn't mind spending all my weekends there!

  • Magdalena Ramirez 48 days ago

    Started off on a party bus. Ended up at DL. DL is a very diverse crowd and I absolutely loved that! We all had a very enjoyable night!

  • Wilkie Joissaint 48 days ago

    This wonderful establishment that has 3 floors of energizing music for everyone to do their typical 2 steps or act like that cool person who you would find on SoulTrain or purchase one of DL drinks and smooth talk that special person. Whatever you desire, you will have fun at this rooftop place. The place has a tropical look, so I am guessing it suppose to represent that summertime feel; it worked because I didn't realize it was drizzling outside. I know this place must be a wonderful place to visit during summer 2014, so I know I will be back soon. Today was a day for unexpected rain, but it is okay because Yelper knows how to party and represent a company the right way. Let dig deeper and explore this spot out. The staff is fantastic and makes awesome drinks that hard to refuse to get one more. What did they put in the drink? Man, I just don't know. If you are a smoker and you want to hang outside to smoke a Newport, I strongly recommend you to visit the 3rd floor where to enjoy the life of the party. IF you need that smoke break, there is a section for smokers too. The food tastes great and that I will not big up everywhere because no one can beat my mother's cooking. I took a bite into the mini cheeseburger, and boom, two hands already want to grab more. The spring rolls are wonderful too that I needed to know if I am in a Thai restaurant and not at a party. Checking, checking... Nope, it is the DL spot! One more drink please, I love this place. The staff are quite helpful and look to answer any questions you may have. So do not get shy now, because if you are, go grab another drink and come back once you see rainbow-colored flowers. We trying to get twisted, sing Bob Marley songs, and yelp! How would I rate this place: I would rate this place 10/10 base on today's event. They don't have a cover charge, which can be better than that! We are jamming!

  • Pete Morales 67 days ago

    We had a great time at our event. A nice spread for dinner was prepared, the staff, and bartenders were attentive, and friendly. Thank you all for the great service!

  • Josie j 81 days ago

    There is fraudulent activity going on in that restaurant. And the manager is in on it. I was there and my card was used multiple times for drinks and food that I didn’t even purchase. When I called and explained this to the manager she called me a liar. I ask her to send me the receipts she did and the receipt signatures did not match. I told her to check her cameras she told me she would get back to me in a few days. she never did. I tried contacting her I was never able to get in touch with her.. now that I finally get in touch with her weeks she is telling me that the security tapes are no longer available.

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