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268 W 47th St New York, NY, 10036
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  • Kelly Perry Today

    Came here a couple of times and def a fun time!!! Two levels of dancing. They'll check your ID downstairs and you go up a flight of stairs to pay a fee of $20 a person. The. That second level they have a coat check for $4. That first room is salasa, merengue basically a plethora of Latin music. Upstairs is the urban hiphop room. The VIP sections are a bit pricey esp since they don't serve food. But for dancing it's really a good time! It doesn't get over crowded and people come to dance! There's your regular men that just stand around staring but they're at every club. Bars are ok the bartenders aren't very helpful with recommending drinks and they're city prices $13-15 cocktail prices. There seems to be a lot of tourist that come off the street but also those that go to celebrate occasions. We came here for two birthdays and once for a wedding civil celebration. None the less, it's a chill place and great for dancing. People are always friendly.

  • Fernando Portes Today

    The best NYC night club for 50+ years. Not as good as when it was on West 57 street when they had live bands four days per week, but still very good. Good crowd and A+ sound system.

  • DARIUSAA1 45 days ago

    Absolute garbage treatment of minorities despite touting diverse music ranging from hip-hop to Latin. After I went and changed to suit their "collared shirt and dress shoes" dress code, the bouncer said his boss "boss" told him something happened with me 'around the corner' and I just wasn't allowed in. Obviously nothing like this happened and then I called the actual club for a manager. When the supervisor came down instead and listened to my story, he turned to the bouncer and the bouncer whispered to him. The supervisor nodded and walked inside.... did not turn back around to address the CUSTOMER to explain anything to me. I understand clubs may be exclusive, but that does NOT mean you can be covertly discriminatory. I will be trying to elevate this situation as much as possible to anyone involved with this club. Overall disgusting experience and leaves me with a bad taste of NYC as a "melting pot".

  • Ivy Solaris 63 days ago

    Looooove the ambience. Norma is a great hostess. Surprising Tuesday's orchestras. Is really fun!

  • Jairo Ramirez 64 days ago

    The bartender was nasty and tried to rip me off. He tried to sell me ONE beer and ONE water for $14. When I asked, I was informed that the water sold for $3 and the Heineken sold for $5. The place was also extremely hot and it seems like the building lacked air conditioning.

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