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The Cooking Studio Fort Collins

Fort Collins, CO

(720) 839-2417

Open now
123 N College Ave Fort Collins, CO, 80524
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  • Andrew Kensley 50 days ago

    What a fun night! My wife set us up with a Cuban cooking class for our anniversary and we met great people, learned lots of cooking techniques, and of course had delicious food—that we made ourselves! Plus wine :) Highly recommend. very worth it.

  • Pamela Hammond 77 days ago

    I have done a regular class as well as team building. Great instructors-very approachable for novices! Recipes were interesting and things I would try again later!

  • susan 78 days ago

    After my first class at the Cooking Studio, I had to come back for more. Great chef instructors, and a fun atmosphere with wine/beer and a nice sit-down dinner.

  • Emily Ross 80 days ago

    I've been to two classes here an absolutely loved both of them! The first class was a cast-iron cooking class where we made an assortment of things from fried chicken, collard greens, cornbread, home-made mac 'n' cheese, and berry cobbler. Instructions were clear, the demonstrations from the chefs were also very easy to follow. Second class was a Thai cooking class where we made a variety of authentic Thai dishes. I love that at the end of the class, everyone sits down at a big community table and share a meal together. The coordinators and chefs that run the class bring great energy to the classes and make them really fun. I would highly checking out the Cooking Studio to anyone in the area that wants to broaden their skills and knowledge in the kitchen. My family loves coming here!

  • Casey Hoerr 239 days ago

    I registered my wife and I for the Date Night Barcelona cooking class because we love to cook and figured this would be a fun night to learn techniques and a little bit more about Spanish cuisine. I was sorely mistaken. First, I figured a cooking class would be taught by actual chefs, or at least people who have worked in a restaurant before. Our instructors just enjoyed cooking. Which wouldn't even be that bad. But with a theme like "Barcelona" I would expect to at least learn a bit about Spanish culture and how it ties into their cuisine. Not a word about Barcelona. Then, the "chefs" brought out our menu, which they clearly just Googled a few hours beforehand and printed out. They assigned each couple to one dish then sent us on our way with no explaining the ingredients, no teaching techniques, etc. My wife and I were assigned a salad. So, I paid $150 to chop a few apples and one bulb of fennel, which took all of 5 minutes. For the rest of the time, we were just wondering around watching other people. The dishes themselves turned out pretty good, except for the dessert. They picked a creme brule which even I know takes a long time to set. So after we ate our meal, we got lukewarm eggs and sugar soup for dessert. I would never recommend this place to anyone looking to actually learn something about cooking. Even if you're a beginner, you won't learn anything. I feel like I threw away $150.

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