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The City College of New York

New York, NY
160 Convent Ave New York, NY, 10031
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  • Theodore Kasote 19 days ago

    First things first, the Bursar's staff is absolutely one of the worst! However, the bursar's office is not the only nonfunctioning part of this school; the elevators do not operate, escalators are out of order, class rooms are broken and archaic, restrooms are horrific, and the cafeteria gets closed for health code violations. Terrible establishment, nonetheless, get your education quickly—you will find some brilliant professors here.

  • max settings 20 days ago

    My time at CCNY was one of the worst periods of my life. For STEM students: Do Not Buy The Hype. In most cases, you will not be able to rely on your professors to help you digest the material and have to spend copious amounts of time studying on your own to make up for the deficit. There is absolutely no sense of community here because it's so cutthroat; everyone is just trying to keep their heads above the water. If you must come here, look over the syllabi of the courses you're taking and pre-study for them. If you want to major in engineering, weigh your options heavily. It may be worth it to make a sacrifice to go to a better school like Stony Brook because there are so few career resources here. The only companies that recruit here are Con Edison and the MTA.

  • Jomely 53 days ago

    Okay school, great professors. Terrible food, old buildings, but the people make it all worth it

  • Nancy Moreno 104 days ago

    This school needs so much work. Where is our tuition money going when we have to deal with broken escalators, elevators and dirty bathrooms on a daily basis??? I’m so sick of this school. People need to start complaining more. It’s absurd that I have to walk 7 flights of stairs Monday-Thursday. And to add to this most teachers here are so unmotivated and staff is simply rude. First day of classes I had to deal with the incompetence and lack of patience from the females at the ID office. Terrible experience so far.

  • Amir Abbady 112 days ago

    I am incredibly proud of my Alma Mater for the amazing education they have provided me as an affordable public institution. CUNY afforded me a college education without the bondage of student debt. I recommend this college as a premier institution for anyone seeking an affordable quality education.

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