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The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Chicago, IL

(312) 329-6600

Open now
325 N Wells St Chicago, IL, 60654,
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  • Richard Darling 25 days ago

    The International Psychology PhD program online is amazing. What a great way to learn and be educated. Field experience courses are key in building relationships. The faculty are amazing and kind and responsive.

  • Yadzaida Padua 53 days ago

    You will be ok here if you are white. Typical for-profit, gate keeping colonialist school. Dare to complain about a profesor, they will be promoted for it! But wait, that sane person in the point of contact for student concerns so why even bother! If you are in the PhD program, mind that you wont get to pick your chair. This is so important because when these relationships don't work, you will be adding time to your time there meaning more student debt (~$1500 per cr hr). They do have a diversity team, composed by white faculty members! What a scam.

  • Katrina R 134 days ago

    If you want to pay $100k to be ignored, discriminated against, and have increased stress and mental health struggles. This is the place for you. Don't worry about being ethical because this school teaches you how not to be.

  • Quantabia Maner 401 days ago

    The education I am receiving is diverse in culture, perspective and vision. My learning experience is taking me to higher heights and deeper depths. I couldn't have asked for a better opportunity of learning.

  • Mason Dixie 424 days ago

    I attend this college and am projected to graduate in 2022 with a BA In Psychology with a special interest alcohol and drug addiction. It is a leap from the school I previously attended Argosy U, to say the least. The teachers are helpful and friendly. I love it & I am learning a lot. I highy recommend the school anyone.

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