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325 N Wells St Chicago, IL, 60654,
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  • Carlos Navarro 97 days ago

    Surprise , ain't been here before ! I came by yesterday , Friday 17th of March . For a Conference on Resiliency from Violence in Urban Areas. The Conference lasted all day and the College Campus atmosphere was conducive to the learned Expierence's . I'm very greatfull to have come under those pretenses ! Looking forward to coming back and enjoy the plethora of amusing eateries .

  • Gary Sokolov 1304 days ago

    I'm a current student at The Chicago School and I really love my teachers! Each one has a unique way of teaching and all seem very happy with the students. My other options for schools were very expensive but this school has reasonable tuition prices. They also didn't connect with me and what I was searching for in my school. Thankfully, this school connects with me, and understood what I was searching for quality wise in my schooling career. I recommend this school for anyone who is looking for reasonable prices and good quality overall in a school for psychology.

  • Dan Klein 1671 days ago

    I’m currently in the MACC program on the Chicago campus of TCS having signed up after a friend graduated here and she had almost nothing but good things to say about the curriculum and the professors; they are knowledgeable, professional and more than willing to help and give advice. An education is priceless- in this economy if you don’t have a good education you’re really going to have a hard time finding a decent job and unemployment only lasts so long. While teaching psychology may not make me rich I’ll be doing more than just barely getting by. The best part is that I’ll be enabling students to go out and help others while feeling good about the job I have. While I sincerely love my three and four year-old students that I’m currently overseeing as a preschool teacher, I’m ready to move on in my career to something that is a little more advanced than finger painting.

  • Chris McCarley 1722 days ago

    I attended the Chicago campus of the Chicago School of Psychology and I have to say that they never ceased to amaze me. They provided personalized help and plans. I really believe that they want all students to be successful. If you are thinking about going, I would highly recommend it!

  • ethel timber 1809 days ago

    Living in Chicago, I have seen firsthand how underserved our Latino population is when it comes to mental health. Being bilingual, I wanted to do something to help this, so I enrolled in The Chicago School’s counseling psychology master’s program with a focus on Latino mental health. My courses have been incredibly helpful both in terms of learning about counseling and in terms of learning what I need to know about Latino culture. I have learned how to be sensitive and effective and feel very strongly that the school has prepared me to help a population group that has been largely ignored by our community.

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