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685 Sutter St San Francisco, CA, 94102
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  • Shaun Yvans 355 days ago

    what kind of people you let in that place? every night something seems to go on at that dump! do the city a favor and close your doors! how many have to die or get hurt before you decide enough is enough?

  • Ryan Paredez 1000 days ago

    Cool little (literally) underground bar/lounge spot in the city. Great atmosphere and chill bartenders. As the place is literally underground, you may not get the best cell service. Be sure to take note of that and make plans with people before going in.

  • Karisma Rodriguez 1250 days ago

    There are two rooms and usually really good dance parties. Add the free if you're on the guest list by a certain time here and you're having a good time. This was one of the first places I went out dancing at when I moved to the City long ago. Funnily enough, the most two most douchey guys I've ever met were both from here though. Look out for that. I was also hit on by a very shy girl here when I was working a liquor promo. Interesting mix of a crowd. I say take your favorite female friend or a group and just enjoy the music!

  • Edward Muna 1346 days ago

    The cellar is a pretty great place. We came here for their new year's party. Although tickets were pretty pricy the vibe was great. On regular nights it is a great spot to grab drinks with friends and dance to top 40s hits.

  • Winnie Fung 1421 days ago

    This is a good place to come to with all your girlfriends. It is always a older crowd that goes here. But it's definitely a good place to go party, good drinks and great music. There's also a lot of security there so I always feel safe. The decoration is good as because it's clean there. Hate going to club restrooms because it's always dirty and smelly.

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