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The Cafe

San Francisco, CA

(415) 523-0133

Open now
2369 Market St San Francisco, CA, 94114
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  • Omar Bromar 7 days ago

    Karaoke Wednesday's are fun. Everyone was polite and the crowd was friendly as hell. Thank you guys, you guys, that kindness goes a long way. Thanks to KJ Cole, Remy, and bartender Sabrina and the other awesome chick who found my money that I dropped 👍

  • Tyler Valentine 82 days ago

    Came out on a Friday night and had a ton of fun good music and plenty of space to dance with quick bartenders and the rest of the drinks were fairly priced. The $5 stoli special for chocolate Raz was a cruel joke please throw it in the garbage where that flavor belongs.

  • Rachel Kaufman 125 days ago

    My friends and I were really looking forward to going to The Cafe and we had heard great things about it. Unfortunately, the bouncer was a HUGE A**HOLE. My friend handed him his REAL NJ ID and the bouncer immiately said “well, well what kinda fake ID do we have here?” My friend proceeded to show him FOUR other forms of identification including his school ID, debit card and insurance card. The bouncer scanned his ID, black lighted it and bent it and obviously it passed every test because it was real and he was actually 21. After all that the bouncer threatened to take it. The major problem was that if he had taken my friends ID, my friend would not have been able to get on his flight back to NJ. After all of that, the bouncer finally gave it back but then another bouncer insisted on searching all of our bags even though we obviously were not going into the bar. It was absolutely ridiculous. I highly suggest hiring a new bouncer who doesn’t have it out for every young person coming into the bar. SF is a huge tourist place and obviously there are people coming from out of state. EDUCATE YOURSELF ON WHAT REAL OUT OF STATE IDS LOOK LIKE! I will never come back to this bar and I will advise against anyone with an out of state license coming here.

  • Roberto Gonzalez 134 days ago

    The cover for the weekends and for shows is too much even for sf. I've been couple times but I didn't pay cover my buddy did. Otherwise I wouldn't have gone back. The music is way to loud. The bartender are jerks and give attitude if u don't tip as much as they think you should. Like you will tip alot of slow service and attitudes. They tend to help the good looking people first regardless who was there first. The prices for drinks, including beer are high. The drinks don't have enough alcohol in them and aren't that good. The lines are long to get in. They allow way too many people inside to where it's hard to move. If the fire marshal comes in they would be drug down so quick.

  • Brandon Renfroe 377 days ago

    I had never been to this bar before. During pride, some friends and I wanted to go. However, we couldn't get in because two of us had bags. I would have been okay with this if they weren't letting women in with purses larger than our bags without even checking them. Not sure what the deal was, but it certainly was enough to make me never want to try the bar again.

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