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1050 S Hill St Los Angeles, CA, 90015
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  • Jon Callaway 2 days ago

    Great venue and sound, but the price of drinks and water is an extreme turn off. Avoid if possible.

  • Jimmie Bradley 2 days ago

    Nice venue. Wall benches and vip upstairs seating .

  • Sam Green 91 days ago

    Screw this place. $13 with tip for a Maker's Mark and then refused to give me a glass of water. I either had to BUY a bottle of water or go to the water fountain which they would not give me a cup for. Management apparently will fire the bartenders if they give ANYTHING out for free!

  • Aileen Cruz 106 days ago

    Great ambience, good dj selection, downside? Water is very expensive which sucks because its very hot inside. However there is a nice patio seating outdoor area off to the side which is nice and cool and has fresh air (relatively because its LA and air quality in general is ugh) you can drink or smoke in this area. This place not for the faint of heart, lots of moshing and dance floor is bumping.

  • Shawn 111 days ago

    This place has good music and fun events, but beware the security will check your ID twice. Some people going there under 21 don't know this, but some security for the first ID check will sell an over 21 wrist band, while the second ID check people (that you won't see until your inside and getting inside can take 30 minutes to an hour) will take away your wrist band if they notice your under 21, it is a cruel scam but this is downtown LA. $6 dollars for water is there other reason this place losses a stars other than it is a great place to enjoy yourself and forget about work.

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