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The Bartlett

Spokane, WA

(509) 747-2174

Closed now
228 W Sprague Ave Spokane, WA, 99201
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  • B Daugherty 13 days ago

    The band we saw was amazing. The venue is tiny and sound doesn't have anyplace to escape so messes with the music a little. It's a nice bar. Good drinks, and I thought the staff were great. The main area is standing room only and people can be very rude and pushy. They need some type of staff in the same room as the stage so they can help keep people orderly or something. Maybe lines on the floor? I was there at 730 and only 15 feet away from the stage at the start. There were plenty of people in front of us already but some room. As the music started people kept pushing past us and at first it was rude but there was room. Then more came, making us step back because there was no room. Two hours of this and many had drinks they were spilling everywhere. It takes away from the fun. It's interruptive to the show. It's on the same level as getting a cell phone call and answering it during a movie.

  • Denice Donaghy 23 days ago

    I love this venue! It's a small intimate setting but you always feel like part of the show. Most bands come out to meet fans after the show. A true Spokane gem!

  • Jake Aspenleiter 110 days ago

    Best music venue in town. Proper acoustic treatment so everything you hear is as intended. Intimate setting makes seeing one of your favorite bands that much better. Highly recommended.

  • Jennifer Zdrojkowski 123 days ago

    The dance floor here is fabulous. It is big enough to get funky on but still a small enough venue to feel intimate. They have a great stage and the lighting and atmosphere for the dance floor are perfect. The bar set up is a bit weird. It's in a very cramped space which makes it uncomfortable when there is a line. I would definitely go again!

  • Benjamin Mogen 164 days ago

    Might be my favorite place to see a show in all of Spokane! Good sound and you really feel up close and personal with the band. Always a cool crowd and good bands playing there. Also, they do a good job of not only supporting local bands, but being familiar enough with them to expertly match touring bands with great local bands that appeal to the fan base. I've discovered many great Spokane bands this way.

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