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The Art Institute of California - Sacramento

Sacramento, CA

(800) 477-1957

Closed now
2850 Gateway Oaks Dr #100 Sacramento, CA, 95833
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  • Ashley Sinclair 30 days ago

    I decided to transfer to this school because it has been a dream of mine since i can remember. When I read all these reviews, initially I was really put off to applying and talking to a rep. However, I did consider the positive reviews and how much I wanted to go to culinary school. After meeting with the admission rep, Heidi, I am so glad I applied! I have had nothing but a positive experience since the minute I walked in the door! The professors are amazing, and the staff that helped me transition, where incredible!!! Yes, the school is expensive but there are a lot of financial aid options. My classes are great, and its nice to work with other classmates who have the same passion. I'm very impressed with the school!

  • Fabian Schumacher 131 days ago

    Do not get involved with this school. They put up a really good front in order to get you pulled into their scheme. Your GPA is basically worth nothing at this place. (One only needs a GPA of 2.5 and above to be accepted). It's not a school; it's a business. The recruiters are more like car sales people; they actually get paid to recruit you. All that matters to them is how much money they can make off of you. They target low-income students, take your grants and FAFSA, and leave you with all the debt. Financial aid is unclear and always tells you a different story that will lead you running in circles, as well as treating you like a waste of their time. They trick you into signing student loans without any explanation, only stating that it is to 'enroll in classes.' For the amount of money one pays, you would expect to be pampered with the best equipment and resources. Instead, you're stuck with low quality equipment, computers that do not function and major cut-backs. In my opinion, the professors are wonderful and very knowledgeable in their field, but it just doesn't even out the entire cost of the school and quality of education. Don't fall for the pretty advertisements for the school.

  • Victoria hernan 179 days ago

    she cool or whatever :v

  • Arlene Hernandez 253 days ago

    Wanted to hire a student of design was told would send resumes never received anything I called back left couple messages still nothing. I feel bad for the students . It's been over 2 weeks.

  • James Monrow 742 days ago

    The Miracle Whip of art schools, its all fluff with no real cream. Don't expect to get a job when you graduate, the school has a terrible reputation for producing the lowest quality grads. Its basically a profit machine with the words "art" and "school" over the door. All of my friends who went here are working at places like wal-mart and home depot. Go to a real art school if you really have the fire in your belly. But stay away from these for-proift shady excuses for an art school.

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