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The Alchemical Theatre Laboratory

New York, NY

(212) 675-1390

Open now

(212) 675-1390

Open now
104 W 14th St New York, NY, 10011
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  • Heather J. Chin 18 days ago

    Serviceable studio space, a bit confusing about which floor it is on since the main office with signs are third floor but the space is unmarked on the second.

  • CheeChee Bourne 71 days ago

    Cool place for artists and creators of different genres to perform their shows, create ir rehearse. Went to see a great play called "What you can and cannot say during sex, in interracial relationships". It eas funny, smart, thought provoking and included audience participation. Alot of couples showed up who were either (married, engaged, commited, newly dating) but it is for anyone single people to. And most important for any relationships regardless of gender or relationship preferences. A show worth seeing. The creators of the play (married couple for 30+years) Epstein and Hassan were amazing, friendly, insightful and did not hesitate to chat or take pics after the show. Tixs are inexpensive and worth the money and a nite out in the city before dinner/drinks if you are looking for something worthwhile to do. Its not Broadway, but the space is spacious enough, clean and has decent lighting. If you like supporting the arts, especially those who have yet to make it to the big stages if Broadway but are equally and sometimes have better shows than what you will see for $100+ tixs, check this show by Epstein and Hassan out. Disclaimer there are three floors, depending in which floor you are going to you will have to climb some stairs. 😊Tixs can be found in Groupon, Goldstar and Fever. (not sure about fever app, my sibling said he saw it there, I havent verified that for myself) the other two apps certainly has tixs. Hope this post was helpful.

  • Kisha R 74 days ago

    The most realistic comedy show ever. We brought our friends with us and they all enjoyed it.

  • Tye Marchelle 79 days ago

    I love this place!!! It's great for meetings, shows, workshops, classes, photography and group events....allot of versatility in the spaces and the natural lighting in room D is amazing!!!

  • Alejandro Cerdena Photography 90 days ago

    Alchemical studios is a favorite of mine. I've done countless of shoots here. They have a wonderful staff of people. Their studios are always clean, never any problems working here. I highly recommend it obsolutely.

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