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701 Arch St Philadelphia, PA, 19106
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  • Monsta 215 1 day ago

    Loved it but came late in the day wish had more time to explore.

  • James Johnson 186 days ago

    I read many complaints of this museum and I guess I went when everything was perfect. The museum is not designed to teach you African American history. It is designed to highlight it so for you folk who want to know about your history in an hour tour I suggest you go to the store in the museum and buy some books or find a black book store and by some books. What is disturbing is that the people who complain don't appreciate that the museum has been here since 1976 and still serves our community. Do you think that your admission fee will handle the maintenance of the high tech video equipment that they have on display? No it will not but if you African American critics would see something like this an donate more than the admission price maybe they will be able to hire an onsite tech to fix problems as they arrive. I took my family their and was amazed at how the maintained the building and how they modernized it. Yes I was a critic at one time but realized this place has been here for me since I was in the first grade and at 50 years old I can enjoy it with my children and soon to be grand children so instead of running to post you disappointment how about buying a postage stamp with a money order of $5 $10 or $15 dollars to help. Just as we scream in the street that Black Lives Matter well Black History Matter even more.

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