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Tequila Cowboy

Columbus, OH

(614) 265-7507

Open now
1069 Polaris Pkwy Columbus, OH, 43240
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  • Kyle Kay 6 days ago

    Very understaffed for the event. Had to go get my own food which the bartenders had ignored.

  • Donald Bayless 18 days ago

    Had a great time! Good music great service and a fun atmosphere!!! Can't wait to go back

  • Brett Whittington 27 days ago

    My work had a happy hour here and there was plenty of room for everyone to stand and talk. They did play the music a little loud which was kind of a disappointment but it's probably typical for the type of establishment. The waiters I think we're trainees so they didn't really know what was available in the bar but they were very helpful otherwise. The bull riding experience they had was hilarious

  • Brandon Cole 83 days ago

    I hate country music but I was honestly surprised about how much fun I had. The community and staff there are a great time. Joe, the bathroom attendent, is the absolute man! Their drinks are good but a little pricey compared to other places. They do have a section that plays hip hop and rap songs but unfortunately it's pretty small compared to the rest of the place. Overall, I definitely recommend at least going to this place on time even if you hate country like myself.

  • Kelsey Hanson 131 days ago

    I visited TC last night for a concert and it was really great once we fought the crowd to get closer to the front. They had plenty of people on staff at the bar so the wait for drinks was minimal. The sound system is on point but you'll want to stand out in front of the big bar for the best acoustics. All the decorations are super fun! There's this giant guitar on the ceiling and giant photos of country singers everywhere. The stage seems small, but it really makes for an intimate concert experience. That's all good and well, but lemme just tell you about the bathrooms. THEY ARE FANTASTIC!! If you're like me and need a reliable bathroom when you're drinking, this place is great! There was literally no wait which is super rare for the ladies room, but it gets better than that. In the bathroom there was plenty of TP, tampons and pads if you need them, and CANDY. They even had a bathroom attendant. LOOK GIVE THIS LADY A RAISE BECAUSE SHE WAS THE BEST! She was right there giving people towels to dry their hands, cracking jokes, letting you know which stalls were available. She told us about all the things you can't see that are available like contact solution. She said you're not going to be SOL in the TC because the bathroom has everything you need. I had a great experience at the Tequila Cowboy!

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