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600 First Avenue North Minneapolis, MN, 55403
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  • Tracy Seelhammer Today

    Out of all the public sporting and events arenas I've been to this has to be the worst. The building that don't have the open concourse design need to be burned to the ground and new buildings need to be put in their place. When in the concourse, you can't see inside the arena (blocked) or outside the building (blocked). It feels like you are in a concrete tomb. The acoustics for concerts doesn't fare much better. Sound bounces around there like it's got nothing to stop it, so artists are forced to turn up the volume to overcome the echo. No thanks, I'll pass.

  • Martin Nguyen 5 days ago

    Saw SIA here. SIA is was rad. The venue itself was nice and easy to navigate. There's huge parking garages nearby that makes parking easy. HOWEVER getting out sucks but that is all parking garages. The drinks of course here are really expensive but that's to be expected. Regardless I would have no problem coming back here for another concert.

  • Mark Bailey 15 days ago

    We received free theater box tickets for a Timber Wolves game. WOW what an experience!!! Fabulous food! Great atmosphere! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

  • Carisa Riley 17 days ago

    Not my favorite venue. The seats were incredibly uncomfortable and the food was ridiculously expensive. I know, I know, nobody goes for the food but I went to the basketball game straight from work with no time to eat. And I can't have the cap to my soda...really?! The location is great even with the construction going on and we were able to find cheap parking pretty close and take the skyway.

  • Jacob Kuyvenhoven 50 days ago

    If you go to a Wolves game I'd strongly recommend paying up to sit in the lower bowl. You could obviously follow the game from way up, but I've got the eyes of a hawk and still couldn't tell which player was which until we moved down for the second half. This is a fine arena, I hear it's getting renovated which makes sense because it felt pretty old when I was there.

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